Wednesday 4 July 2018

What I have been loving in June!

June seems to have flown over in the blink of an eye...I really couldn't remember what we did in June. Thank goodness for my blog posts and Instagram photos to remind me.

Interflora Letterbox bouquets....

I was lucky enough to win a letterbox bouquet from Interflora. When they arrived in the box they really didn't look like much but once I had put them into a vase they were beautiful...

I got them on the 5th of June and the roses looked a bit worse for ware and I took them out but the rest of the flowers lasted until Wednesday just gone. I was very impressed that they lasted 3 weeks....So impressed that I bought my great aunt some for her birthday. She was just as impressed with them.

Science SATS....

Ellie was chosen along with 3 other year 6 children to do the Science SATs papers/exams. I did not know they were even a thing but she had great fun. Apparently only a few selected schools have to do them and our school was chosen. Ellie said it was all easy and stuff a 5 year old would know. lol She was rewarded with 2 big bags of sweets, 30 raffle tickets to trade in for treats at school & a round of applause when she went back into the classroom. She felt so special and it has really boosted her confidence.

We had an end of term review with Ellie's teacher and she said she could not have been prouder of her. She tried so hard and was a great representative for the school. All of the other kids who didn't do the tests thought Ellie was amazing for doing 3 tests in one day!

Iceland's St Clements Majestics....

These are my ice cream/lolly of choice at the moment....They are lemon flavoured ice cream lollies with an orange sauce swirl and a white chocolate coating with freeze dried orange pieces. I can quite easily eat 8 a week....I know I probably shouldn't but they are so good....

Emily Hayward....

I wouldn't say I was loving watching Emily Hayward on YouTube but she was an amazing person and I feel like I need to mention her somewhere.....She fought cancer for eight years and vlogged her journey....Becky and I started watching early this year and we've gone back and watched her older videos. She fought with such positivity and was an inspiration to all! Cancer is such a horrible illness and has no age barriers. She was 24 when she passed away.

George Ezra....

Winning Competitions....

I seem to have my comping mojo back again. I have had a few wins and a few prizes arrive over June.

I won a surprise Squishy Box from Squishy Kiosk. Ellie is CRAZY about squishy's and she knows I won some so I am only going to give her a couple & put the rest away for her birthday next month!

A £25 Tesco voucher arrived that I won from The Inspiration Edit and got onto the Tesco Direct quickly as I know they are closing this month. Ellie needed a new swimming costume so I got one with a unicorn on which she is over the moon with and I spotted some dungarees. She's been after some for ages & they didn't have them in her size so I ordered bigger so she might get two summers out of them. They were half price at £7.50. Bargain! Becky ended up with a couple of t-shirts. There wasn't much left that she liked....

What did you love in June?


  1. Those flowers look fab, how impressive they lasted so long too. Well done Ellie it sounds like she is trying so hard at school lately, no wonder you are proud of her xx

  2. Looks like you like similar things to myself. Ive spied the ice creams in Iceland too. And those flowers are lush #bloggersbest

  3. What a lot of fab stuff, the flowers are gorgeous and so good they lasted 3 weeks. Thanks for linking up to this weeks #BloggersBests

  4. It was sad to hear of Emily's passing. Such an inspiring soul X #bloggersbest

  5. Kathryn Hipkin12 July 2018 at 12:56

    Lovely flowers, well done on your comping success.
    My favourite things in June were the comp meet where I meet my comping friends once a month and actually AT the meeting I got a winning text from Glade to say I had won a £50 Wilkos giftcard; have promised the kids we'll spend it one day in the summer holidays, so one day taken care of lol.
    And D FINALLY got some work after the business going bust just before Christmas; money really has been tight. Have a nice July.

  6. I love that George Ezra song too - it will be the soundtrack to the heatwave I think! #bloggersbest