Friday 27 July 2018

This last week has all been about relaxing. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This last week has all been about relaxing....After the chaos and emotional last few days of school last week I think we needed this week just to unwind and get out of the school routine.

It has been a lovely week.....The furthest we have been is to the shops to buy milk and juice....We have slept in most days until at least 9am and I let the girls stay up as late as they wanted for the first few days of the holidays....By Monday they had both taken themselves off to bed at a sensible time. hehehe. Staying up late is so overrated. 

We spent the weekend just watching films. On Sunday we watched James and the Giant Peach, Labyrinth, Nanny McPhee and Titanic....

It was Ellie's first time watching Titanic and she caused a lot of giggles and worry half way through when she shouted "Phew! They didn't crash into the iceberg they just scraped the side. She said they'd be OK. Eek! Becky thought it was hilarious and I was quite tempted to switch it off there and then and say everyone lived happily ever after but we carried on....When the ship was sinking she finally cottoned on that she has heard about Titanic before and what happened. We had the big old debate about whethere there was room for Jack on the floating door and she got very angry that the boats didn't go back sooner to save people. She really enjoyed the film and handled it well....

The girls get three hours a day on electronics during the summer holidays....Ellie is great at spreading her time out throughout the day but Becky isn't so good. I have said she can earn extra time by doing jobs around the house or revising for her GCSE's....She didn't want to revise so has done all the jobs. lol  My house looks so organised and it's never been so We are now out of jobs, so from today every hour of revision she does she gets an hour of electronic time. I have told her she has to revise properly....I will be testing her. 

I have actually hardly seen Ellie this week.....On Monday her friend from school knocked for her and she went out to play and the same on Wednesday....Her friend, her and a few others were playing in the street and her friends back yard....They are all sensible kids so I am not worried and yesterday they had a movie afternoon in her friends house. I am going to have to have them all here sometime soon and I am dreading it. I love my own kids but I hate playing host to others....I think I will just fill the paddling pool up, give them water balloons to play with and keep them topped up with juice and snacks. lol


  1. It sounds like you've had a lovely first week, very relaxing. I cannot even imagine 9am lie ins here, maybe one day! But my two do like to unwind with films, it's fun to introduce them to new ones. That sounds like a good plan for friends coming round, enjoy! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. So that's the key to a tidy house, get your kids to do it? Now...I just need to have kids and in a couple of years time I can put them to good use haha! #WotW

  3. Relaxing is great, and it's good that you are making them stick to a certain amount of screen time. It's my Little Man who has the most trouble, he'll come off the laptop and ask to go on the PS4, when I say that's just as bad, he asks if he can play on my phone!! Thankfully once he does get interested in something no screen related he will play for hours, it's just that initial withdrawal.
    We watched Labyrinth and Nanny Mc Phee on Sunday too, I couldn't face watching Titanic again though. IN fact I've seen it a few times but I've never watched it all in one go! We are currently hooked on The Greatest Showman. We've had a couple of friends over today but we have a decent sized garden with swings, slide and trampoline. The paddling pool is a great idea though, or just a hose pipe if it's still hot!

  4. Your week sounds lovely and relaxing. I think I will try your trick to get a tidy house, mine looks like it's been ransacked at the moment. Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Sounds like a much needed rest and lovely to just be X #wotw

  6. Super jealous of your relaxing week! Hope next week is just as chilled out :) #wotw

  7. You sound like me. Happy to entertain my own kids but unsure how I'd cope with their friends too. #mmbc

  8. Sometimes you just need chill week dont you? A bit of time to chill out and watch old moves, Titanic is quite brutal isnt it? We took Joe to a Titanic Museum when we were on our last cruise, I could see how horrified he was at how many people lost their lives x

  9. Very impressed you have an electronics curfew - I'm not that strict! In fact my blog post tomorrow is on the very subject! #MMBC