Tuesday 31 July 2018

Making bath time fun with Mini-U - Review!

Given the chance Ellie would have a bath every day and spend hours in there.....Sometimes she does get a little bored with just bubbles and normal soap so when Mini-U got in touch asking if we would like to try out their fun bath products....

Mini-U is an award-winning collection of hair care, bath and body care, hairbrushes for kids and families designed with the highest quality formulations at affordable prices and packaged with fun in mind. Mini-U sells products for kids that take the ‘boring’ out of bath time and add the ‘style’ into kid’s hair.

When everything arrived I was so impressed with the packaging. It is very appealing to children and everything looked like fun!

Bang Fizzy Whizz 6 x 50g Bath Bombs - £4.99

Included in the pack are 6 bath bombs all with different scents and they each turn the water different colours.

Kiwi scent turns the water green, Blueberry scent turns the water blue, Melon scent turns the water pink, Mango scent turns the water orange, Banana scent turns the water Yellow and Vanilla Scent turns water white with Glitter!

Both of my girls are crazy about bath bombs.....We really like these. The scents are lovely and they do turn the water different colours....Compared to other bath bombs there isn't much of a whoosh when you put it into the water but there is enough to put a smile on children's faces....Ellie will happily just use one per bath so they do work out a lot cheaper than other bath bombs...

Fizzy Plops Bath Colour Tablets 9 x 3g - £1.95

Plop them into the bath and they fizz and colour all at the same time. You can even try plopping us in 2 at a time and mixing colours while you wash and learn!

My girl and I loved these....They are really effective and pleased Ellie so much! She really did love them. They fizzed and made rainbow water....What's not to love!

Dunk and Doodle Colourful Liquid Soap - £5.75

The pack contains 4 pastels, easy rinse colours with a special painting nib on the end of each tube.

Dunk your little artist in the bath and let them create their favourite doodles with the pastel coloured liquid soap that washes away. No mess, no fuss, just fun!

Again, Ellie loved these....I have rationed her to one per bath as she would have quite happily used them all in one go. She had such fun with them....I encouraged her to draw on herself instead of the bath so she could clean herself....It's one of the few times where she has willingly cleaned herself without me having to nag....hehehe

As well as fun bath time products Mini-U also have some fab hair care products....

Moisture Mania Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner. £4.99 each.

The Moisture Mania Hydrating shampoo makes washing hair quick and simple. The no nasties & no nonsense mix is sulphate free making it gentle to little one's eyes and it's quick to rinse. The Moisture Mania hydrating conditioner is a conditioner that hydrates the hair (clue’s in the name) and the lightweight formula makes conditioning hair quick and combing easy. They both smell of refreshing Watermelon.

When first using the shampoo I soon realised there was no bubbles or lather. There are no sulphates in it which is a good thing....I am all for not putting a ton of chemicals on my children's heads....The shampoo seemed easier to rinse out than other brands....I really liked it. Ellie didn't complain about bubbles getting in her eyes because they were none. I think it's the first time I've ever washed her hair without a single complaint! We have had to wash it less too....She usually goes 2 days between hair washes but now we are managing 3 or 4....

When it came to brushing Ellie's hair afterwards we usually have a few shouts and grumbles due to her hair being tangled but now it is easy! I am putting it down to the combination of the shampoo & conditioner and the new hair brush...

Mini-U have a range of hair brushes which we all have been using....We were sent the Mini Styler Green (£7,95) and the Pro Styler Pink (£8.95) 

We have all been using these brushes and we love them....Ellie has gone more for the smaller green one as it's easier for her to handle but both are great for not pulling and tugging at your hair....My teen has claimed the pink one.

On a morning we have been using the Dynamite Detangler Spray (£4.99) and it has been a life changer....It works on wet or dry hair and a couple of sprays leaves hair so easy to brush through....It smells of apples and it is such a lovely scent.....Ellie's hair is so easy to manage now and seems in a wonderful condition.....

In all of the Mini-U product there is NO Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulphates or Parabens...Nothing stains the bath or the skin and Mini-U has been formulated with natural ingredients and without the use of harsh chemicals making them gentle to all skin types....

I think Mini-U have a fantastic range of products....Ellie loves everything we have tried and is already asking for more....It might be a little early to be thinking about Christmas but things like the bath bombs, fizzy plops and the liquid soap would make great stocking fillers....

Everything can be bought via the Mini-U website. Orders under £25 have a £3.20 delivery charge and any over £25 is delivered free....

We were sent these products free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. These look absolutely fantastic and I could almost smell them as I read your post. They would make great Christmas presents :o)