Friday 13 July 2018

My little girl has been to big school. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

For four days this week Ellie has been at the secondary school for transition week. It has been a big week for her and us all in many ways....

Ellie started the week by walking to school for the first time....She had to be at her primary school by half past eight so the year sixes could walk to the secondary school.....Usually she will walk home alone or with friends but we like to walk her to school just to make sure she gets there.....It was a big step for all of us. Ellie thought it was great but I found it strange....I think we're going to have a struggle come September when she has to leave the house at 8am. Eek!

I was on edge all day, worrying about how she would get on but I needn't have worried. She came in full of smiles and stories about her day....On Monday they did sports, drama and lots of getting to know people activities....They were shown around the school and it was a fun day!

I had been worried about who she would be with in her tutor group but thankfully Ellie was put with a few of her friends.....Phew! As the week has gone on she has made new friends and her new and old friends are all mixing. It's so nice. 

On Tuesday they got into more of a routine and had some lessons....Science where she got her Bunsen Burner license, English and Maths....She said she had seen Becky around school and when they passed on the stairs gave each other a high 5. hehehe 

When Becky went up to the secondary school she had no one to give her any tips and tricks but Ellie has got everything sussed thanks to Becky.....She spends half her lunch money at morning break to get a sandwich or a big slice of pizza then gets chips or pasta for lunch. That way she has time to go to lunch club which is a safe place for just year 7's to get away from the bigger kids....

Yesterday the kids from Ellie's primary school who take part in musical after school clubs like the choir and trombones were invited back for another day at the secondary school....They did musical workshops and they put on a concert for the parents.....

We walked in and could see from Ellie's face that she wasn't happy. We found out that two girls from her primary school had been picking on her and telling new people that Ellie doesn't listen, encouraging them not to speak to her. What they failed to mention is that Ellie is deaf in one ear and doesn't always hear. I was fuming! We met the special education needs person and she was wonderful. She really reassured me that behaviour like that would not be happening in September.

We hung around and waited for Becky to come out of school and then went back in. Ellie had a fantastic time showing us around the school....We know our way around the school with Becky being there for 4 years but we let Ellie have her moment....The Science teachers were showing off experiments, there was a mad hatters tea party in the English department and we had a lovely chat with the principal. 

Even though Becky is going up to year 11 nothing much has changed for her.....She has all the same teachers and lessons. The only difference is apart from the 6th former's her year is the oldest in the school....

Today Ellie is back to primary school and I will be speaking to head about the two bullies. They are having a non-uniform day and a disco which should be fun and Becky has sports day which she hates....All the non-sporty kids don't get to take part and just have to watch. I have sent her off to school with some magazines and a packed lunch....I'm sure she will enjoy it.


  1. What a big week for Ellie. It sounds like she loved it and is more than ready for it, I bet she can't wait for September now! Those girls sound awful, it's good that you raised it straightaway so they'll know to look out for it in September x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. oh how sad that Ellie got bullied, it sounded like everything was going so well too. I'm sure she'll be fine when she gets to her new school. If it's anything like my kids school they do not tolerate bullies at all. Boo goes up into year 7 this year too, but she's already at the same school so we've missed all this looking around the school and stuff. My girls will be walking to school from September too. x

  3. Such a big move but glad to hear she has familiar faces in her class. It is good to have an older sibling to help with making the move to big school easier X #wotw

  4. Ah bless her well done Ellie it sounds like a positive week over all, apart from those awful girls what is it with kids that makes them behave in such a mean way ! I hope you get it sorted x

  5. It sounds a wonderful transition for Ellie, apart from the mean kids which is not nice at all. It sounds lovely that you were able to get involved in her transition too by going into the school. It sounds very similar to the high school my 2 go too x

  6. It sounds like Ellie is adapting well to the transition, despite those mean girls. I bet she's really excited to start in September now she knows what things she will be doing and the layout of the school. I didn't like sports day at school, especially in high school I wish they had mobile phones back in my day. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend x

  7. Sounds like Ellie is adjusting well. Hope school sort the meanies out before September #WotW

  8. Blimey. The oldest in the school - Bet Becky will love that! Am sure she will keep an eye out for Ellie come September, too :) #WotW

  9. So glad that Ellie enjoyed her transition week apart from the moment with the two girls picking on her. So glad that you have reported it and hope that it won't happen again. Hope that Becky enjoyed her sports day and that Ellie enjoyed her non-uniform day and disco. #WotW