Thursday 26 July 2018

The Smoothie Challenge....

My girls watch a lot of rubbish on You Tube.....Silly challenges which they are always asking to try.....Most of them I say no to but a while ago I said yes to one.

The Smoothie Challenge sounded like fun.....Mix random ingredients in a smoothie and drink it. Simple.

We used 10 ingredients. Five nice one's and five not so nice which you wouldn't normally find in a smoothie. Randomly pick five each and whizz them up in a blender then drink.....

The nice ingredients were Golden syrup, Jelly, Chocolate sprinkles, banana and vanilla ice cream....

The nasty ingredients were Mustard, Mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, Salmon paste and Tomato puree.

The girls had each ingredient written on a piece of paper and they put them into a tub ready to choose....They went through and chose their ingredients.....

Ellie seemed to have more luck and got the nicer ingredients. Well I wouldn't say nicer but they seemed to go better together. Vanilla ice cream, mustard, jelly, banana and mayonnaise....

 Becky got the salmon paste and that really made hers he nastiest. She also got the golden syrup, tomato puree, chocolate sprinkles and the Worcestershire sauce. It certainly wasn't the most tempting concoction.

They added a little milk and whizzed them up......Becky's smelled rank! It was enough to make you gag. Eww! Ellie's didn't smell too bad at all.

The final challenge was to have a taste. I thought they would chicken out but they were good sports and tasted them. Becky only managed a mouthful and Ellie drank quite a bit of

They won't be smoothies that we would ever make again but we had a lot of fun!



  1. Kim, your girls are natural in front of the camera. The video was so funny, especially the faces pulled at the end. I haven't heard of Salmon paste for years, it used to be a staple in our house. I think I need to buy some now, but I won't be using it in a smoothie. You have the same smoothie maker as me, I think it's great, especially as it even grinds ice cubes :)

  2. Haha! Brilliant. This looks like loads of fun. I think I may have gagged a little if I tried them. 🤢
    We have the same blender! I love using mine :) x

  3. Oh my - fun - but gagging fun. Good for them for following through on the tasting though - but rather them than me! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo