Saturday 14 July 2018

Squishies, Fun at school & Roses - Week 28. #Project365

This week seems to have flown over which is of course a good thing....We have one week left of school and then it's the summer holidays which the kids are very excited about.

Ellie my youngest has been up to the secondary school for 4 days this past week and mostly loved it....Becky my teen has spent the week dreading sports day. The unsporty kids just have to sit and watch the sporty kids. It turns out she had an OK time. She spent most of it playing on her phone. lol

Now for a photo every day....

187/365 - 7th July.
Becky my teen was taking good care of the electronic baby from school...I am so proud of her.

188/365 - 8th July.
Ellie my youngest spent some of her pocket money to buy a bottle of hand wash just so she could make some amazing bubbles!

189/365 - 9th July.
My youngest is obsessed with Squishies and I was lucky to win some and they arrived.....Half were given to her and half put away for her birthday.

190/365 - 10th July.
Ellie spent time at the secondary school this week and had time in the science department....She was very excited to get her Bunsen Burner License! 

191/365 - 11th July.
The roses have finally bloomed in the front garden.

192/365 - 12th July.
I was sent a selection of natural products from The Solid Bar Company to try out....

193/365 - 13th July.
My teen got in from school and went straight on the xbox! She had no homework to do and it is nearly the end of term....


  1. She did so well with the fake baby! I'm not sure I could cope with it or a real baby these days ha! Stevie x

  2. Sounds like Becky did a great job with an electronic baby. Well done to Ellie for the burner license! Our roses are mostly over this time of the year. How lovely that you won Squishies, they seem to be the latest obsession for girls.

  3. She doesn't look too happy with the electronic baby, but I'm glad it went well! It's great to have such a long induction for the secondary school, I hope it makes it easier for Ellie when she starts.

  4. End of term always means loss of routine! Glad the electronic baby stuff went well! #365

  5. Well done Becky for looking after the electronic baby. I bet she was so relieved when she handed it back though hehe!
    My boys love bubbles too. We have just had one of those mini bubble maker machines for the garden. They will be so excited when they see it!
    Glad that Ellie had a nice introduction to secondary school. :) x

  6. I wouldn't want to see an electronic baby in our house. Scary and a lot of pressure. Glad the secondary transition went well

  7. Glad to hear that all went well with the electronic baby. Wishing you all a great week! #MMBC

  8. I love that your youngest got a bunsen burner license. It's a real count down to the end of term now isn't it?

  9. I just don't get this squishy thing, half the ones i've seen in the shops break ever so easily and they're not cheap

  10. I used to love lighting a bunsen burner when I was a kid! I hope the transition goes well and the summer doesn't diminish the excitement #project365