Tuesday 17 July 2018

Trying something new with Emily Crisps. #CrunchOn

I have tried vegetable crisps in the past but have found none that I have been really keen on and I don't think I have ever tried fruit crisps so when I have the chance to review some I had to say yes!

Emily Crisps is a range of premium fruit and vegetable crisps made from only the finest and freshest produce....Choose sweet or savoury from a collection of classic and bold flavours created to send your taste buds on a tantalising journey!

Emily Wong, founder of Emily’s Crisps says “I’m passionate about eating well, travelling the world and encouraging all of us to be the boldest possible versions of ourselves – I want to support everyone to make changes big and small to be the best they can be. I created my crisps with this attitude and believe that each pack has the ability to give a spring to your step and inspire you to discover your own adventure. Of course, we do add the crunch, lots of it, to make sure all of our crisps snap just as they should!”

When they arrived I was really drawn to them. The packaging is really eye catching and appealing....The crisps inside are made by using pressure and low temperatures which means they avoid using additives or preservatives. The way they are made preserves their natural tasty goodness while creating an amazing crunch...

Emily crisps are available in five different flavours. Each packet counts as one of your five a day. They are gluten free, vegan friendly and are completely natural.

We were sent four of the flavours to try.....The only one we didn't try was the Crunchy Pineapple one.

Crunchy Red Apple - Carefully chosen for their taste and texture. Made from red apples.

This was the one I was most keen to try. They did not disappoint. They are crunchy but not too hard that you really have to chew down on them....They are sweet but not too sweet which meant of course my girls loved them. I thought I might have been able to keep these for myself....I will be buying these again as my girls aren't keen on eating apples but they would gladly eat a packet of these each.... 

Crunchy French Bean, Sugar Snap Peas and Black Edamame - This light mix of fresh spring greens includes crispy French beans, sugar snap peas and nutty black edamame beans to create a bright and vibrant flavour...

I was surprised when I opened these. I expected a traditional crisp shape but found whole vegetables....I gave these a try but they were not for me. I didn't dislike them but I couldn't see myself eating a whole packet. Ellie wouldn't try them. I think it was because they looked too much like vegetables but Becky did and she said they were OK....Remember it is all down to personal taste. When it comes to food something we're not so keen on you might love....

Crunchy Sweet Potato, Carrot and Beetroot - This earthy combo features the finest root vegetables: naturally sweet carrot, rich beetroot and creamy sweet potato all jam-packed full of taste.

I didn't think I was going to be keen on these but when I opened the packet they just looked appealing especially the carrot and beetroot....The sweet potato part didn't look that nice but looks can be deceiving! The flavours and the crunch is there and once I started eating these I didn't want to stop. These are a great snack and even the kids liked them. 

Crunchy Fig Banana - Featuring fig bananas picked at the perfect moment of ripeness. They combine a crazy crunch with the sweetest, figtastic flavour.

I expected these to smell more of banana but it didn't matter they sure tasted of them....They are a lot sweeter than the other crisps and would be perfect if you want something sweet but also something a little healthier. These were the one's that Ellie was the keenest to try. She loves bananas and now she loves these. These lasted 5 minutes at the most with the 3 of us sharing them.

As a family we loved 3 out of the 4 packets we tried....I already have my orders from my girls to buy more of these crisps and I think I will. My girls love to snack during the school holidays and these will be ideal. I feel better about them eating something like this than normal crisps and unhealthy snacks!

Emily Crisps are available from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado.com, Tesco, Boots, Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic and Whole Foods. They have a recommended retail price of £1.50 for 35 grams.

We were sent these crisps free of charge to try in exchange for this blog post.


  1. What an amazing idea! I've never seen crisps like this before, they sound very delicious. I love how they are natural, I think it's great to reduce pollution and chemicals. I will have to try some soon.

  2. I've tried vegetable crisps in the past and never really liked them. The fruit crisps sound yummy though :)


  3. I'm intrigued by these. I'm not sold on them but would love to try them. Brilliant that they're such a natural product, will have to get some and try them out #TriedTested

  4. We’re going to hunt these down! The Crunchy Red Apple ones sound amazing! #TriedTested x

  5. We've had the fruit crisps but not tried the vegetable ones. The boys like the dried broad beans you can sometimes get in antipasti sets but I've not tracked down anything similar. They're always an occasional treat as they're pretty pricey - I understand why though if I was having to invest in a dehydrator to make my own!

  6. I have never heard of these. They sound like a healthy alternative to crisps X #mmbc

  7. I've seen these in Sainsbury's but haven't tried them yet - you have I inspired me! #MMBC