Saturday 28 July 2018

Buns, pretty nails and finally some rain! Week 30. #Project365

The first week of the school holidays have flown over considering we have done hardly anything....We have just been relaxing and winding down from school.

I have been busy spending....I think I have got the last of the kids birthday pressies....I am just waiting for them to be delivered and I have also made a start on the back to school shopping....I have a bag for Becky and a coat for Ellie! Hooray! Usually it takes us 6 weeks to agree on one but she spent 10 minutes looking online and found a 3 in 1 one which will be perfect for her. Phew! 

Now for a photo every day!

202/365 - 21st July.
Of course she's on the laptop. Pretty standard for a Saturday...

203/365 - 22nd July.
The only way Becky can wear her hair at the moment is in a bun....She has thick long hair so has been putting it up to keep cool...

204/365 - 23rd July.
The K'nex set that I bought Ellie at Christmas is one of the best things I've ever bought her....It gets used so much and I have bought her another set for her birthday.

205/365 - 24th July.
Ellie painted her nails herself. Ladybirds and bee's....She is so much better at painting nails than I am...

206/365 - 25th July.
The moon was so bright on Wednesday night....

207/365 - 26th July.
I was sent some Rescue Pastilles to try. I didn't think they would work but they really did....They are stress relief in a tin!

208/365 - 27th July.
What a storm we had last night....The house was shaking because of the thunder. We had a ton of rain and it's has been raining off and on this morning....It still hasn't cleared the air though. It's still so warm.


  1. Love the nail art and hair bun. We love K'Nex here too , fab isn't it #365

  2. I haven't started proper uniform hunting yet, though we went with Eddie earlier this week to the sales in Mountain warehouse and bought 2 coats for him, one raincoat and a warmer quilted one. Hair in a bun is practical in this weather. The nails are very funky. Great job, Ellie!

  3. I started on the back to school shopping today, managed to buy some uniform for the boys. Will buy the rest when we visit the senior school on monday. I use Rescue remedy when I am driving, they really work :-)

  4. Great lightning photo. We've had a few showers today, but nothing for more than 20 minutes. We've ordered school clothes (still to arrive!), but just need to get school shoes and a sun hat from school once they've got them in.

  5. That's a fantastic capture of the lightning! We had a bit of rain, but no thunder and lightning. Those Rescue Pastilles sound great. I may have to invest in some for when I have one of those days! I know how Becky feels about her hair, it's impossible to have it down in hot weather. My son loved K'Nex when he was a bit younger too. He created some amazing things. He even won a national competition and won an iPad!

  6. Good luck with the back to school shopping. I am nearly done and think the rest can be done on Amazon as just have a few random bits to get. I like the sound of the rescue pastilles - maybe I should try those.

  7. I love Ellie's hair and nails, and well done on getting a start with the school uniforms

  8. great nails, what a fab job she did.
    that is a great lookinh bun, I am hopeless with hair but yes up is better in this heat.
    Great capture of the lighning. our lightning was various shades of pink.

  9. Wow, that lightning pic is amazing! We had some thunder storms in Wales and it was sooooo loud! Love the hair pic, I wish I was more skilled at doing hair, poor Anya always looks scruffy #project365