Wednesday 20 March 2024

10 wonderful things about spring!

Ahh! It's the first day of spring here in England. A time of renewal, rejuvenation, and rejoicing in the beauty of nature. As the weather starts to get warmer, the cold winter becomes a distant memory there's a sense of excitement in the air! I am trying not to get excited about the weather that we have had this week but it has been really spring like. Yesterday it was 16C which is just perfect for this time of year.

yellow flower field during sunset

The weather.
The weather is so unpredictable, spring is when mother nature decides to play hide and seek with the sun. One moment, you're enjoying some sunshine on your face and the next you're dodging raindrops the size of peas. Hopefully soon we can say goodbye to bulky coats and hello to sunshine!

The flowers.
From the daffodils that carpet the countryside in shades of yellow and gold (they are my favourite flower) to the emergence of bluebells in woodlands and forests across the country. They are all so pretty but of my favourite sight to see is the cherry blossoms that have just started to appear here although all of nature springing back to life really sets my hay fever off. 

As the birds return from their winter away, the air is filled with the sweet melodies of their songs. As much as I complain about the birds waking me up on a morning it is a sound that I associate with the warmer weather. I just hope they don't nest in the eaves of our roof again. 

Getting back into the garden.
As the earth begins to thaw gardeners across the country eagerly dust off their trowels and get to work in their allotments and gardens. I do love this time of year, sorting the garden and planting new things. In a couple of weeks we will have our annual trip to the farm shop to buy some bedding plants for the planters outside the front of our house which I am really looking forward to.

Spring Cleaning.
Cleaning isn't the most glamorous activity but there's something satisfying about decluttering and freshening up your home after a long winter. I always enjoy cleaning at this time of year, especially when I have all the windows open. It makes my home feel fresher and cleaner. Getting the washing out on the line is a big bonus too.

Longer days.
With the arrival of spring comes longer days. As much as I think I like the dark nights when they first arrive I do like the lighter evenings, the ice cream man driving around and spending evenings sat in the garden. I am sure in a couple of months we will be visiting the pubs beer garden to enjoy a couple of drinks on an evening too.

Baby Animals.
Is there anything cuter than a fluffy baby animal? From new born lambs frolicking in the fields to fuzzy ducklings waddling by the pond, spring is full of adorable critters that are sure to melt your heart.

Easter Celebrations.
Whether you're religious or not Easter is a fun! From colourful egg hunts to chocolate eggs there's plenty of joy to go around during this egg-citing time of year. There is the long Easter weekend to enjoy to which is at the end of this month.

Outdoor Adventures.
With the arrival of warmer weather, it's time to get outside! Whether you're exploring a nearby forest, biking along scenic paths or simply taking a walk through the park. I always have more motivation to get outside at this time of year. 

A Sense of Joy.
Last but certainly not least, spring just has a way of putting a smile on your face. Maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's the flowers or maybe it's just the promise of warmer days ahead!

What are your favourite things about spring?


  1. I love spring! I'm jealous of your warmer weather, all it does down here is rain! I love when the days start to get longer and you can feel a slight warmth with the promise of summer not far away. And the daffodils too, on my drive to school I'm often stuck in a long traffic jam but it's made so much better by the daffodils planted by the side of the road!

  2. I opened the patio door the other morning to let Malone out and just had to bask in the warm sunshine, the smell of the grass, the sound of the birds, so lovely.

  3. Yes to all of these! Though this week has been super cold again and nearly feels like winter I know it won't last forever. We did hear lots of frogs and toads all peeping about on our hikes this past weekend and those sounds of spring made me smile for sure.