Friday 22 March 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 12. #FridayFavourites

This week seems to have flown over and it's crazy to think that this time next week will be the start of the long Easter weekend. I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and share some of my favourites from this past week.

What I have loved this week

The gas safety check.
The boiler man came early this week to do our yearly gas safety check. Every year since we have lived here the gas safety check has caused drama. We have had parts needed for the old boiler which were hard to come by, the gas fire was condemned which meant we needed a new fire put in which is electric and we never actually use it and last year we had a new boiler installed. This year it all went well, everything is working as it should and there were no dramas. While he was here he installed the new cooker which is my next favourite.

A new cooker.
Our new cooker was delivered on Saturday morning which wasn't one of my favourites as it arrived before 7am and the delivery slot. Our old cooker was ancient and so much was going wrong with it. The oven door falling off, knobs not working and falling off and the back ring on the hob not working at all.

Our new cooker

New kitchen appliances are exciting and I am so happy with the new cooker but it is taking some getting used to. The oven door drops down instead of opening like a normal door and the big gas ring on the top is on the left instead of the right. It's good though, it does it's job and works properly.

The Walking Dead.
I was at a loss with what to have on the TV in the background over the weekend so decided to rewatch The Walking Dead (again). There is so much that I forgot about the early seasons like how young they all were, that Andrea was so annoying and how lovely Dale and Hershel were. 

The Eras Tour.
I finally watched it on Friday when it was released on Disney+. My girls made me watch it and I now understand why they love Taylor Swift so much. She is an amazing performer and I knew more of her songs than I thought I did. I've watched the concert twice over the last week. 

Getting washing out on the line.
We had a couple of really warm days. It was 16C which is practically scorching for this time of year. I of course had to get some washing out drying on the line. It seems ages since I last did and hanging the washing out is one job around the house that I really enjoy.

Washing out on the line.

My eldest getting over her fear of dogs.
For years, since she was about 3 years old Becky has been terrified of dogs. She had a bad experience with one when she was little and has been so scared ever since, so much so she would cross the road to avoid them, not go into houses where there was a dog and majorly panic if one did get near to her. This week dog-sitted a friendly pooch for a day, she was sending me photos and videos of it and asking if we can get a dog. We're not but it does make me so happy that she is over her fear.

New managers at the pub.
One of our local pubs is getting new owners/managers and I have seen their new website and I am very excited about the plans that they have. The pubs locally have been really struggling but whoever is taking this one over must have a fair bit of money as they're planning to serve food every day/evening for a lot less than they were charging, have lots of entertainment and offers on. I am very excited to read more about their mid-week afternoon teas and free crisp sandwiches on a Saturday.

Butterkist hazelnut chocolate toffee popcorn.

hazelnut chocolate toffee popcorn

My fella came in with a bag of this from the corner shop and asked if I wanted some. I tried it and wasn't keen but wanted more to try it again and then ended up eating half a bag of it. It doesn't really taste of hazelnut, chocolate or really toffee but something about it is so moreish. 

A pay rise.
My fella is getting a pay rise, another one. He only got his last one in December. Apparently the company that he works for has done really well over the last year so they are giving back to the workers. It's only about a £1 increase but that is better than nothing especially with the cost of everything else going up.

What have you loved over the past week?

Friday Favourites


  1. Congrats on the pay raise! And, that sounds great about the pub! I am a sucker for a caramel corn - yum!

  2. Great happenings this week. Congratulations on the pay raise - money always helps. Good TV and a great snack all sound great to me.

  3. Congratulations on Stu's pay raise! Every little bit helps these days. I put up a graphic the other day about the salary needed to buy a home here in the States. I'm sure home ownership and even rent are tough in the UK as well.

  4. Nothing better than air-dried washing! Glad you got your new oven and that the installation went okay.

  5. Love the new oven! I bet it will be so nice not to have fight with a broken door all the time. Yay for the pay raise; that's wonderful.

  6. Congrats on the pay raise! Every little bit helps. I think restaurants here are struggling because food is expensive, so they have raised their prices and not as many people are going out to eat. I saw the Eras show in the theater with my daughter, and totally understand why TS is so popular. Hope you have a good weekend!

  7. Your new cooker looks amazing! I much prefer gas to electric :)