Sunday 24 March 2024

Week 12 of #Project365 17th - 23rd March. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Sunday! I hope you all have a nice relaxed day planned. We're off out for lunch and then we're going to see my dad. If the weather forecast is right it looks like it's going to be a nice day.

We have had a good week, quite a busy one with the boiler man coming for the yearly gas service and installing a new cooker, Becky went dog-sitting and Ellie has been finishing off part of her practical work at college. The teacher has said they are going to be having less days in the workshop towards the end of the college year as they're too far ahead and need to do more reading and writing in the classroom. Oops.

Now for a photo every day!

False eyelash and new cooker
Gousto Meals and Party Rings
Nails and me
Easter eggs and treats

77/365 - 17th March
I am sick of finding these false eyelash things around the house. Ellie is the one to blame, she's the only one who wears them. I keep thinking they are freaky looking spiders.

78/365 - 18th March
New cooker day! It was installed with no issues at all. Hooray! I love it. The girls say I am sad because I now get excited about new kitchen appliances. 

79/365 - 19th March
Our Gousto meals for the week. They were good one's, we loved every single meal. Most weeks we like all of the meals but this week we really loved all of them. I've decided that I need to buy a new folder for the recipes we love and will make again and then keep the other folder for one's that we just like.

80/365 - 20th March
Party Rings! I go years without eating these biscuits then see them in the shop and have to get some. They remind me of my childhood, they were always such a treat.

81/365 - 21th March
My nails desperately need doing, I hadn't got around to doing them as of writing this yesterday afternoon but should have by now.

82/365 - 22th March
Just me. Off out, on my way to my dad's. My dad did have to look twice at me. I had a dress on and make up, he thought I was going somewhere fancy, not just going to see him.

83/365 - 23th March
The Easter eggs and treats have been bought. Now we just have to resist eating them until the weekend.

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  1. I picked up Easter eggs this weekend. Robber prices, as my Mum would say!

  2. You really do introduce me to the best chocolate here!

  3. I did my nails yesterday too; they really needed it. Your hair looks great; I don't think I had noticed you went with purple (but perhaps I just forgot?). My son's been trying to go purple for nearly a year now but for whatever reason his hair keeps turning it more of an auburn color! His friend is a hairdresser for him and suggested they let it grow out and try something totally different next time like blue or green.