Sunday 31 March 2024

Week 13 of #Project365 24th - 30th March. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter! This past week has gone in a bit of a blur. Stu tested positive for Covid and I have spent the rest of the week worrying that my girls and I were going to catch it, so far we haven't. I am starting to think we might be safe now. Stu has been going to work as his manager said we all have to treat it as a common cold and he had to go in. That same manager is off sick now as that "common cold" has left him feeling rotten. It is awful to laugh but he made such a big deal to the team early in the week saying people had to stop phoning in sick. We don't have much planned for today, Stu is going to do another test as he's feeling much better and if it's negative we might go out for lunch.

Now for a photo every day!

Lambs in the field
My fella and I and broken washing line
Covid test and dippy eggs
Blossom and Barbie

84/365 - 24th March
The lambs are out in the field, it must be spring! Stu did remind Ellie that we had roast lamb planned for during the week which I could have throttled him for. Grr! He's not funny!

85/365 - 25th March
My fella and I on our way out for breakfast. Looking back now there were signs that Stu was ill. I was in a t-shirt with a light jacket and was warm but Stu had a hoodie, big coat, a hat and was still feeling cold.

86/365 - 26th March
It was a lovely day and I planned to get tons of washing done and then the washing line broke. Ugh! I couldn't fix it as there wasn't enough line left to tie it up.

87/365 - 27th March
Stu did another test just to be sure he was positive.

88/365 - 28th March
Dippy eggs for lunch, done in the air fryer. They came out perfectly again. Shame about the toast, I overdid that!

89/365 - 29th March
I love seeing the blossom on the trees.

90/365 - 30th March
We watched Barbie now that it's on Sky Movies. We did go to see it at the cinema when it was quite new but now we know all the songs it was that little bit more fun singing along.

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  1. Oh no, that must have been so frustrating to see your washing on the ground! The trees are in full bloom here too.

  2. My eldest watched the Barbie film at the cinema but the rest of us didn't so we watched it on NOW TV. Oh no sorry to hear Stu got Covid, his boss sounds like a right one. Will have to give dippy eggs a try in the air fryer!

  3. Silly manager! Instead of keeping his staff safe, he has allowed everyone to get sick!
    Lovely photo of the lambs out in the field. I miss the English countryside.

  4. I remember my mother's washing line when I was a kid. I had to help hang clothes and bring them in. Sorry to hear about the broken line; that's frustrating.

  5. So frustrating when work places are like that. Hope he's over the Covid soon. I keep forgetting about dippy eggs. Might have to have those tomorrow.

  6. Wow those trees are beautiful! And the eggs look delicious!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. Glad to hear that Stu is feeling better. Looking at your photos, now I want eggs for tomorrow's lunch. Have a great week!


  8. I love seeing the lambs in the fields. The blossom is glorious! We went to see the Barbie movie at the cinema too. I'm looking forward to watching it at home with my lot, one my eldest is home.

  9. I hope he is feeling better now. COVID is still out there, even if we rarely think about it now.

    I haven't seen Barbie, but it does sound lovely to sing along.

  10. I still haven't seen Barbie, feel like I'm missing out. Hope Stu is feeling better now. oops to the washing line, we've all been there.