Saturday 23 March 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Service! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I think service is a good word to cover my week as it's came up a few times. Gas service, the and bus service and some customer service that I have had.

We had our yearly gas service on Monday. The friendly boiler man came and did his thing and installed our new cooker too. He is quite the character and it's the first time Stu has met him and he kept having to walk away to hide his laughter. The gas man was talking to me and was over explaining everything that he was doing and saying do you understand madam. He was verging on mansplaining things to me which Stu found hilarious. I probably know more about the gas safety checks than Stu does as he's usually at work when they happen. lol Everything went fine and it was all cleared safe to use for another year.

We are very excited for the beginning of next month when we are getting extra buses adding to our bus service. When the Covid lockdowns happened they cut the bus service down, especially the later buses on an evening but they are starting up again. The last bus from Scunthorpe used to be at 10 past 7 and it's changing to 20 past 9 with a couple of extra buses before and coming from Hull the last bus was at half past 8 but soon the last one will be at 11pm. It will be great for Becky because when she goes out with friends it means she can get a later bus home instead of staying in a hotel which would cost the same price as a taxi. Stu said we could have a night out in Hull and get the last bus home, no thank you! I like to be in my pj's by 9pm at the latest. hehehe It will be great for going for a meal out or to the cinema though.

I can't decide whether I had good or bad customer service from Sainsbury's yesterday. I hardly ever get the shopping delivered on a Friday because I go to my dad's but I was late in ordering it and decided to get it between 10 and 11am yesterday knowing we usually leave here for my dad's at 11am. It got to quarter past 11 and it still wasn't here so I rang up to be told there was a problem with the van but it's still coming but not until after 4pm. I am annoyed that I waited in for it without a phone call from them but at the same time I am glad they still delivered on the same day and at a time which meant I could still go and see my dad and be back before it was delviered.

I am still hooked on playing that Supermarket Simulator game that Becky got me on to. Stu was laughing at me leaving the customers waiting while I stocked some shelves. Bad customer service he says but they don't like it when they can't find something on the shelves but don't mind waiting in line. hehehe Even Ellie has started playing now and she says her customer service is way better than mine. 

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one.

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  1. Glad your gas service went well, the guy does sound like a character! Wow extra buses! That would be a real novelty where I live lol! Karen Early Rising Mum

  2. Are Sainsbury's usually pretty good about keeping to the time slot for delivery? That is annoying that there was going to be a five-hour delay without letting you know.

    1. Yes, I have found them to be really good, it's the first time I've ever had any issues with them at all. I will be using them again, it hasn't put me off. x

  3. That's brilliant to get the extra bus services back! I saw your cooker on Instagram, it looks lovely and new. The supermarket game sounds so much fun. Years ago I used to play fashion story and I got so addicted to making sure my latest and greatest fashions made it to the shops otherwise my customers would leave in a huff!

  4. Good service in all areas is nice I suppose. You are like me in that I don't enjoy being out at nights. The bus service improvement is good though for people who want to use it. It was poor service for the supermarket delivery people not to call first! I can imagine you being stuck waiting for them until so late! It's good that you called. And your supermarket game sounds fun. Is that on your phone? And that mansplaining is typical for these gas service people. I've had it too. Have a great week ahead.

  5. So glad you have the new cooker and what a great service from the boiler man. It's great they've added more bus service times too. I haven't caught a bus late at night for many years but they did save a fortune in taxis, fortunately, if my daughter works late her job pays for a taxi for her. (Especially good seeing as they are extending her hours to 12 hour days! That's our NHS for you!) xx

  6. Glad all went well with the gas service. That’s good that the bus service is increasing and there are later buses available. That’s annoying that your shopping delivery didn’t turn up when expected and they didn’t let you know but at least it fit around going to see your dad. #WotW