Friday 15 March 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 11. #FridayFavourites

Hello, it's Friday again so it's time to link up with Erika and Andrea and share some of my favourites from the week. Some weeks I have to really think about my favourites but this past week I had so many things to mention that some things haven't been mentioned at all.

What I have loved this week

Money off Gousto!
We get Gousto boxes, where they send you everything you need for the recipes that you pick and we have a break from them for a few weeks. There was method in my madness because I know if you have a break they send money off vouchers to entice you back. hehehe I got £5 off one box and then 25% off another two which really makes a difference. We have some fantastic meals coming up over the next few weeks.

Lunch out with my family.
Most weeks my fella and I go out for lunch on a Sunday, the girls would much rather laze in bed but with it being Mother's Day last Sunday I said to the girls they were coming out with us. The weather was awful and wet and they joked that this goes to prove how much they love me as they wouldn't go out in the rain for anyone. hehehe We had a lovely roast dinner and had planned on going to the pub after but we were keen to get home and to get warm after being out in the rain.

My girls and I

The Oscars.
I don't remember ever staying up and watching The Oscars. Like the Superbowl it has either started earlier or there is some time difference change. I only watched a handful of awards given out, Billie Eilish sing and John Cena with no clothes on but I really enjoyed it and caught up with the rest of the highlights the morning after. After hearing so much about Oppenheimer I feel like I need to watch it when it comes onto the movie channels next month.

Kate Middleton.
Not really a favourite but some of the videos and tweets that I've seen about the situation have been interesting. There has been so much drama surrounding the Royal Family and the Mother's Day photo that Kate Middleton released. I did think so what that she edited the photo of her and her children, most of us who put photos online edit them in some way even if it's just to brighten them up but then I fell down the rabbit hole of watching TikToks about how Kate's face is actually from a magazine cover from 2016 and the kids images were taken from an event they went to and the colour of the clothing has just been changed. It really has got me wondering about where she is. The theories out their are wild, I just hope that she is OK.

Pease Pudding.

Pease Pudding

Pease Pudding is something from the North East of England. It is a side dish traditionally served with ham. I lived in the North East for most of my life and it was normal to have a ham and Pease pudding sandwich. We moved 150 miles further south a few years ago and Pease Pudding is not a thing here, you can buy it in a tin but it really isn't the same as the fresh stuff. If we visit the North East we always buy some and over the years my friend from the North East has actually sent us some in the post so whenever someone says they are visiting up North we joke and ask them to get us some and one of my fellas work friends did just that! I was so happy. It's just a shame it was just one tub, it's all gone now. Hmmf.

Mother's Day gifts!
I was so spoilt on Sunday, as well as the meal out the girls bought me gifts. Becky got me a rose plant with a cute pot, they both got me a gorgeous necklace with the word mam, that's what they call me, it's from our days in the North East and my birthstone on and Ellie got me chocolates and a keyring. I felt very lucky.

Rose plant and necklace

Warmer weather.
There has been days over the past week where I could have gone out without wearing a coat but I couldn't as it has been very wet. If it hasn't been chucking it down it's been that really fine rain, like mist. Hmmf. It has made me happy that spring is on it's way and then we have summer! It is awkward at this time of year when I don't have a huge selection of coats. I either stay dry and sweat or be at the right temperature and get wet. As I writing this it's 15c which seems really warm for this time of year, it's almost summer weather. lol

Supermarket Simulator.
Becky, my eldest has been playing Supermarket Simulator for the last week or so, she saw people playing it on TikTok and it's her type of game. You run your own supermarket stock the shelves, set prices, use the check out, take payments and hire staff. Of course I took notice as it sounded my type of game too. Becky was so keen for me to play it she bought it for me as an extra Mother's Day gift and it's addictive! I have restarted it about 6 times learning from my mistakes of expanding too fast and buying things I didn't need. It's a fun game to pass the time.

What have you loved over the last week?

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  1. What lovely gifts! Supermarket Simulator sounds like the old Farmville on Facebook. I can remember being out running errands with Sophia and she said to me, "We have to go home, I need to harvest my cabbages!" LOL I haven't paid any attention to the media circus over the photo of the Princess of Wales and her children, editing is a way of life these days, so I just scroll by. I can't imagine writing a news article about Princess Charlotte's sleeve being too high or whatever other rubbish the journalists came up with. I hope that she is following medical advice to not undertake any engagements until after Easter to ensure that she is completely recovered.

  2. The necklace is pretty :-)

  3. Such a wonderful week of favorites! It sounds like you were properly spoiled for Mother's day, as you deserve, I'm sure. Yay for money off groceries and for nicer weather. We had a few days that really teased us of spring/summer and I was loving having no coat... I know it won't last but it's still a promising sign.

  4. Lovely pic of you and your girls! You all look so alike.
    I am so looking forward to the nicer weather. I did a bit in the garden today and it was a lot milder than last week. There's a teeny tiny bit of spring coming through lol. xx

  5. I had a chuckle at 15ÂșC feeling like summer weather. Over here we pull out our feather puffer jackets, wooly gloves and complain about how we are freezing to death! I spent way too long watching Instagram reels about 'where is Kate Middleton' and although some of the theories and speculations are just too out there. Something just doesn't sound right. Why go to all that effort to photoshop a picture and pretend it's current. The royal family have really messed up! I'm glad you had such a great Mother's Day and you had a lovely meal out and beautiful gifts. We have to wait until May for Mother's Day over here.