Tuesday 26 March 2024

Not a girly girl but still a girl.

Becky my eldest is 21 years old and I'd say for the last 8 years she has never been a girly girl. She's not into make up, skincare, clothes or anything like that but it doesn't mean she's not a girl. She wears tracksuits and baggy clothes, it's what she's comfortable in and why not? I used to say to her not another tracksuit but it's just who she is and who am I to judge.

My eldest

She loves a good hoodie and to be fair she does feel the cold more than most people and they keep her warm but they are her thing. She must own about 30. Some she has for work, some she wears around the house and she does have some nice one's for going out.

Becky used to have really long hair, it was past her shoulders when she got it cut. Last year she decided to get it all chopped and went really short which took a lot of getting used to and she's had it cut since and it's a little bit shorter. She finds it easier to manage and thinks it's brilliant that it's brushed in about 20 seconds. 

Eldest hair cut short

Her short hair has caused some confusion, along with what she wears. Just the other week when the boiler man was here he was calling me madam and Stu Sir, when he was on his way out he said goodbye madam to Ellie my youngest and then looked at Becky and was a little bit puzzled. He just said goodbye. Becky thought it was funny.

It's not the first time she has been mistaken for a boy or lad. lol She was out with her friend in town a few months ago and her friend was attracting attention, only because she was dressing a Build A Bear while waiting for the bus when a man asked if her boyfriend had bought her that, Becky's friend was confused until the man pointed at Becky. To be fair she did have her back to him and when she turned around he was mortified. Becky thought it was funny. I am starting to think she dresses and looks how she does just for the laughs. lol

Once in a blue moon Becky will dress up in jeans and a nice top. She has a few fancy tops as she calls them and when she makes the effort she looks so different and a bit of a girly girl. That type of clothing is kept for special occasions though and times when I say a tracksuit is really not suitable.

My eldest in girly clothes

For years, when Becky was younger she wore girly clothes and felt uncomfortable in them but still wore them just to fit in. She's past that now and wears what she wants to wear and if people don't like it tough luck. Their opinions do not matter. I am glad and happy that she has found the confidence to be her, she's not a girly girl but she's still a girl.


  1. Good for her. I hated the way I was dressed when I was little. It suited my brother, but not me. I think we offer our children so much more freedom in who they are. I don't dress necessarily differently for what men wear but it isn't and wouldn't have been the way my parents dressed me. James has always been the neutral one. If he's with his friends he's more boyish but it's more a mask for him at 12, than actually anything else but at home he's way more neutral and harder to distinguish by what he wears. Leigh, from around 9 up, was similar to Becky, and would choose more masculine products. However over the last year she's started being more feminine outside and, like James, is just comfortable in masculine at home. Like you say, they're comfortable and happy. So it's not a problem. That's all that matters

  2. Becky has her style and it makes her happy, that's all a parent could ask for, isn't it?

  3. I love this post. :) Hope you are having a good week.

  4. I think it's great that kids can dress however they like and feel comfortable. I have to admit, I find it difficult to tell which of Boo's friends are boys or girls! I hate getting it wrong but they are all really cool about it. Boo prefers the pronouns they/them but they definitely like the frilly tops, dresses and flouncy clothes, although their favourite item of clothing is their long black hoodie with white wings printed on the back.

  5. Good on Becky for choosing her outfits to suit her style and comfort. Those hoodies sound lovely and warm!

  6. It's great that she reached that spot where she doesn't care what anybody else thinks. Well done to her!