Sunday 10 March 2024

Week 10 of #Project365 3rd - 9th March. A photo every day for a year!

I hope you have all had a good week. Mine has been good, with nothing much to write about which is a fantastic thing, it means there has been no dramas well apart from Stu nearly missing buses and Ellie having issues with late buses. It's all good though. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mums out there, I hope you are being spoilt rotten! I have a fun day planned today with my family and I am expecting to do no housework, I did all of that yesterday which somehow seems wrong. Me rushing through my jobs so I can have a day off today. There's something wrong with that. lol

Now for a photo every day!!

Me and biscuits
New hair and quiche
A pot of joy
Gift bag and roses

63/365 - 3rd March
On my way out for Sunday lunch. I wanted to show a photo of my hair before I cut and dyed it. It was in desperate need of doing with the roots and lots of grey hair coming through!

64/365 - 4th March
I usually love Fox's Crunch Creams but not these apple crumble one's. They were OK but nothing special. I won't be getting them again.

65/365 - 5th March
New hair! I cut it and dyed it. People say I am brave doing it myself but it saves me a small fortune and there's plenty of YouTube videos to follow. The last time I had my hair professionally cut was when I was pregnant with Ellie, she's 17 this year. lol I went purple for a change from the red's and pink's that I usually have.

66/365 - 6th March
Home made quiche! This is usually one of our summer meals, we have it with salad but we all wanted something lighter than the bigger, more filling meals that we've been eating lately.

67/365 - 7th March
This is a new favourite of mine! The Cadbury chocolate orange big Pot of Joy! My girls were going on about them, they'd seen them on TikTok. I went one better though, I saw someone eating melted Mini Eggs with theirs and did the same! It's amazing!

68/365 - 8th March
This Mother's Day gift bag has been in the living room with nothing in it for a couple of weeks. On Friday it started to fill up with gifts from my girls which I am not allowed to look at until today.

69/365 - 9th March
Becky bought me a rose plant. It's so pretty and the pot is just the cutest. I have found a new home for it and I hope it lasts, I am not usually good with plants.

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  1. You're brave doing your own hair. How on earth do you get it straight at the back? My brother does his own too - since covid, he watched a lot of youtube videos to learn. The Cadbury pot trick sounds nice. I might have to try it myself.

  2. Oh my goodness, Cadbury's Pots of Joy! I think when I get a chance to travel to England, I'm going to need a couple of empty suitcases just for the grocery shops I want to do!

  3. Oh, I badly need a Dairy Milk Orange Pot of Joy!!! We love orange chocolate. This just looks divine! I guess it will have to wait for a future trip to the UK. Your hair looks fun!

  4. I hope you had a fabulous mother's day!

  5. I hope your Mother's Day was great! Have a lovely week.

  6. Loving the hair, wish I were braver to change colour. Shame the biscuits weren't great

  7. That rose plant is so cute. I hope it will thrive.

  8. I rarely trust a hairdresser with my hair, let alone doing it myself, you've done a good job. Happy Mothers day, mine was uneventful other than cards, gifts and messages. I spent most of it on my own.

  9. Oh I love Crunch Creams. May give them a try just for the sake of it! I would recommend putting the rose plant in a bigger pot or outdoors.

  10. Love the purple hair. The home-made quiche looks yummy. Putting melted mini eggs in the chocolate orange Pot of Joy sounds delicious. What a pretty rose and I love the pot. #project365