Tuesday 15 July 2014

Boredom Busters Book - Review!!

Recently I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from CICO Books on Twitter.....The book was Boredom Busters....I have so far kept it hidden away from the girls until the summer holidays start...

50+ activities to entertain kids at home, in the classroom and even on holiday! 

Let's get crafty! You will never be bored again with the brilliant things to make and do in Boredom Busters. The book is divided into five themed chapters: Art, Craft, Science, Food and Travel. Art Activities shows you how to create pretty pictures using homemade paint, recycled crayons and even coffee filter paper and shaving cream! In Craft Activities, reuse milk cartons for your own bowling game, turn a baby food jar into a snow globe and make cinnamon clay decorations. You will love the cool experiments in the Science section - from growing your own crystals to setting off plastic bottle tornados and creating 'lava' in a cup. Cook up a storm with the great recipes in Food Activities: cool ice cream cone cupcakes, delicious chocolate mug cake and colourful pizza faces. Finally, discover ways to keep yourself busy on journeys and holidays in Travel Activities, such as making a T-shirt pillow, wooden spoon puppets and a homemade travel journal.

Sounds fab doesn't it....

I know this book is going to come in handy towards the end of the school holidays when the boredom has set in....

Each activity has clear and easy to understand instructions and the every page is colourful and the pictures make you want to find out more....

It says its for children aged 7 and over but I think most of the activities can be done by younger children if they are supervised....

This book can be bought for £9.99 from Ryland, Peters and Small....I've also found it on Amazon & eBay too. 


  1. That looks like a fab book with loads to keep you occupied over the summer. I bet the plastic bottle tornados are good fun!

    1. They do don't they....In fact all the science one's look lots of fun x

  2. The book looks fab! Will you be blogging about the activities you try? x

  3. This looks like a great book for the summer holidays, it's always good to have a stand by for rainy days!