Friday 11 July 2014

They make me Proud!!

This week I have been very.....

At school on this week there was a Sports Gala....Our school against others in the area and all the Year six children were split into teams doing various sports....Becky was in the Rounders team! They only went and won! 

My un-sporty girl is achieving so much to do with sports lately....I'm so very proud of her!!

Ellie has been given a Behavior Book to keep track of when she is been good and when she's been not so well behaved....Last week she was back to her naughty behavior....Messing about in the toilets....The detention she had obviously hasn't worked so we're hoping this does.... Even if it doesn't work we might find a pattern as to when she gets bored in the classroom and takes herself off to the toilets....She is trying hard to behave.

Becky brought home her SATs results too on Wednesday....I wasn't expecting them until we got her end of term report....They have said there will be more details in the report but she got 4 for reading, writing and maths which means she is at the expected level for her age....I'm even more proud of her....

It's taken nearly 7 years but Ellie has finally got into just sitting down and drawing and colouring.....She will at school but at home she has always found something better to do...This week she has sat for at least an hour after school and just coloured....This picture is now proudly stuck to my fridge!!

Yesterday Becky went to visit the secondary school she will be starting in September....I was worried....Thankfully just after lunchtime my friend messaged me on Facebook to say her daughter who's in Year 9 had seen her and had a chat....She was enjoying it and made some new friends... Such a huge relief to me!

She came home full of chatter and excitement...She did say it's going to be hard work and there were so many rules but she thinks she is going to like it....Phew!! So proud of my girl.

This week I have been proud of both of my girls.....They make me so happy!


  1. Well done to the girls, enjoy your proud mummy moments :-) #WotW

  2. Glad that you have so many positive things happening in your household. Congrats to your daughters achievement =) #wotw

  3. Lots of lovely things happening this week, lovely post #WotW

  4. aw thats a lovely word and a great feeling. well done to your girls! #WotW

  5. This was lovely to read, well done to both your girls x #WotW

  6. You have every reason to be proud! I especially love hearing about girls doing well in sports, although I was really poor at it.

  7. Well done!!! Proud has to be every parents favourite word to use x #WotW

  8. AH, a wonderful word! Well done to them, and so pleased secondary school is looking good for September :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  9. This is lovely and lots for you to be proud of. I'm sure your girls will be very please they have made you so.