Wednesday 2 July 2014

Loom bands....

My girls are still obsessed with them....

I'm loving them becasue.....

They're inexpensive compared to gadgets and toys now a days.....

It is a quiet activity! I don’t hear a peep from them when everything is going right....

It inspires creativity!.....Coming up with colour combinations and patterns is a fun and creative....There is an endless variety of color combinations and bracelet patterns to discover....

It inspires learning!.....It teaches them how to follow step by step instructions and it gives them a reward for paying close attention to the details....A cool bracelet to show off!

It’s challenging!.....One of the best things about Loom bands is that once they've mastered one pattern there’s always a new and more challenging pattern to tackle.....

And it gets them off electronic devices!!

Why I'm not so keen on them.....

It really can't be good for my girls fingers....The bands cutting off the circulation! 

The arguments are crazy.....About who has the most of one colour....When one runs out of a colour there is chaos....Even when they are made and they get mixed up they argue about who owns which one.....

They want more....Every time we go out they are wanting me to buy more...I know they're only a pound a packet but they've had about £30 worth each over the last couple of months..

I'm finding them everywhere.....I was in the bath the other day and there was on in there with They're in the washing machine, all over the back yard and I've stopped picking them up in their bedrooms.....I have better things to do with my time!

I just keep reminding myself it's just a fad!


  1. These things are driving me mad! I have a post scheduled for today about these too! Currently using my tupperware tubs to store them in and the floor!

    1. hahahha! My youngest has just tipped a tupperware tub out on the floor to find the colours she wants....Grr! She will be picking them up or there will be trouble x

  2. Makes me smile when I read all about the latest fads as my daughters are all grown up & I have no idea what the kids are into any more! Makes me sound really old, I know!!!

    1. Aww! You're not old....
      I'm like that when it comes to babies....I see new products and think wow! There was none of that when mine were

  3. Oh I hate them. They get everywhere. Every damn room in the house I find them tho I think majority are in the Hoover now.
    Yes I too get the arguments and pinching each other's.
    Worst thing I have to keep my 21 month old from putting them in her mouth

  4. They bug the hell out of me. At first I was for the idea. they will keep our daughter busy and get creative. Now though, I keep finding them all over the place. I found the cat chewing on one the other day, which could of been bad. I am sick of finding these things lying all over the place. I even see them in the streets where other kids have dropped them.

    1. My street is full of them which is crazy as hardly any kids live on

  5. I'm still finding them. AARRGGH!
    They are everywhere haunting me lol