Thursday 17 July 2014

Tips to Survive the School Holidays....

It's nearly the start of the school holidays.....I'm half looking forward to it and half dreading it.....The kids of course cannot wait....

1. Make a Plan
Try to plan ahead and look at options that allow you to spend time together.....Start making arrangements early on.....Include your kids in the planning stage by asking about their own plans and integrating them into the family plans. And don’t forget to have a range of rainy day options up your sleeve!

2. Create a Routine
During the school year we have more routine but even in the holidays we try to keep somethings the same.....Even though the girl's bedtime is later and we have a few lie in's we still keep to a routine....Such as eating breakfast together then tidying up the house....We try to keep the same meal times...Spontaneity is great, but without any structure at all my girls can feel a bit lost and bored.

3. Build up a Support Network
Check with the kids’ school for a holiday programme.....My girls put on day trips and activity days....Community centres/Sure Start centres may also offer activities and events that allow kids to try something new, learn different skills and develop interests outside of their school curriculum....

4. Family is Key
If you’re lucky enough to have family members living close by include them in your holiday plans for day trips, sleepovers etc. Visiting family members is a fantastic opportunity for your kids to bond and have fun with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.....Your family will appreciate spending time with the kids, too, and it takes the pressure off you as a parent.

5. Mind your Work
Most working parents are unable to take time off work for the full duration of the holidays and even if you have flexible working arrangements there will be a time when you simply do have to work....Make sure these times are part of your joint holiday planning to avoid becoming more stressed out than you would be during the school year.

6. ‘No Parents Allowed’
Most children love socialising with their friends and the holidays are a great opportunity to arrange ‘play dates’ with them. Speak to fellow parents and your neighbours about taking turns in hosting the kids.....This will allow you to retain some ‘me time’ whilst giving your kids a chance to develop social skills and simply enjoy themselves....

Enjoy the holidays!

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