Tuesday 29 July 2014

What Am I Doing Now?

I was tagged by lovely Mandy from Life With ASD And Me and Jocelyn from The Reading Residence in the What I'm doing now meme.....

I do like a good meme so here goes.....

Currently I am:
I've just sorted the girls clothes out.....One bag for the charity shop, a bag of school uniform for my friend, old trousers to donate to the school for all the little kids who may have accidents and Ellie has a whole heap of new clothes which Becky has grown out of....So now I'm looking online for new clothes for Becky.

Blogs....Lots of blogs! lol Long gone are the days of me reading books....All I read now are blogs....Much more interesting!

Listening to:
The radio and my girls playing upstairs.....They're so bossy towards each other when they're playing schools....

Laughing at:
The fact I am eating the girls chocolate and they haven't a clue....hehehe

Swooning over:
Jamie Dornan...Him who plays Christian Grey! Wow! I can't wait to see the film....February seems such a long time away.

What to buy my fella and the kids for their birthdays.....The middle of August for Stu, 29th of August for Ellie's and the 10th of September for Becky's.

Eating lots of:
Ice lollies and ice cream....The perfect weather for it....

Tired.....I haven't slept properly for the last week or so....It's far too hot.

 A lot of things.....All due to Becky's homework! We've been learning about the Romans, Acids and alkalines and saints for RE...

Looking at:

The mess in the living room.....Toys, toys everywhere!

Black tracksuit bottoms and a green vest top....Indoor clothes....lol I never wear tracksuit bottoms out.....

Cakes soon!! I said I would bake with the kids if they tidied their rooms....

  Why the girls are actually playing upstairs when it's such a lovely day out and why I agreed to bake on such a hot day!

Trying out:
A new type of wine tonight....Not my usual brand but half the price of it.


  1. A fabulous post Kim, so lovely to learn all about the author behind the blog. Did one of these posts last week & loved writing it.

  2. You're like me, I do love a good meme! Love your answers, yes you are mad, baking today! Xx

  3. Im forever sorting through clothes! They grow so quickly that the majority go to charity as they have so much life left in them!!