Saturday 19 July 2014

Primary School - Done!

Yesterday Becky finished Primary school......How is that even possible!! At her levers assembly we saw photos of all the kids through the years....As well as getting me all emotional it made me realise how much Becky has grown up over the years at school....

I remember leaving her at nursery school and she used to spend at least an hour or so crying and following the teacher around asking when I would be back.....It broke my heart but I knew it was for the best to leave her....By the end of nursery she loved it.....

In reception class she loved it.....She really took to life at school and seemed to do much better when there was structured activities and learning to do....She had her first class assembly and first school trips...

In year one she spent the first half of the year hating her teacher....It was the first male teacher she had and Becky took a dislike to him and went through a phase of being very naughty.....She soon got over it though....By the end of the school year she loved him and actually cried when it was the last day......

Year two flew over....

By year three she had really knuckled down at school and was learning so much even though I hated her teachers.... They had a job share and neither kept in touch with the other.....

Year 4 happened in a flash.....Another male teacher which she really loved.....Becky had been so shy until this year.....In year four she came our of her shell and started putting her hand up in class and being a bit louder....This was the year she went from hating PE to actually enjoying it....She came out of school one day all excited about playing
By year 5 Becky was being told off for shouting out in She had gained so much confidence! Becky learned how to swim with the school after having a shaky start to the lessons.....Her and her teacher ended up in the pool helping each other.....

Year six....What a journey! She was the house captain and did so very well at her SAT exams....Becky has grown up so much.....

She has changed so much from that little girl who was scared to say anything to anyone.....Now she's confident & so clever....I'm so very proud of my girl....

Secondary school.....Here she comes!!


  1. Woo-hoo! Well done to her. Primary school is such an amazing journey and leaving is so emotional. This was us two years ago and will be us again next year. Eeek! It's weird to think about it now.

  2. What a lovely look back at the primary years, I wish her all the best in her new school, I'm sure she'll do really well x

  3. Such a lovely post and look back over the years. She's grown so much, of course, and I hope she's looking forward to secondary school x

    1. Thank you!!
      She was looking forward to secondary school until she got a mountain of homework.....My blog post for tomorrow....hehehe

  4. awww bless her! its such a fantastic time this transition stage .. wishing her all the luck in the world for September x

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  5. How lovely to have all those photos there all together! Secondary school is a big jump for them, but they all seem to settle in so much betterthan we expect. I hope she has a great time and a very likeable form tutor :)

    1. Her form tutor seems lovely....
      Thank you x

  6. What a nice fast review of things that had happened! I know that she will rock her secondary years as well =) #magicmoments