Saturday 12 July 2014

Thank you Teacher....

It's coming up to the end of term and I've been looking around for gifts to get my girls teacher's.....I usually just get them a card but this year Becky is leaving to go to secondary school so it's not like she's just moving up a year and I did consider getting Ellie's teacher a 'Sorry' card instead of a thank you one due to her challenging

There's so much out there...These are some of my favourite items I have found which won't break the bank....

Hugs Teacher Mug - Getting Personal - £2.99
Teacher Owl Notebook - Funky Pigeon - £5.99
Best Teacher Star Chocolates - Card Factory - 99p
Teacher's Assistant Key Chains - Zazzle - £3.10 
Bang On The Door Female Teacher Personalised Card - Born Gifted - £1.99
Teacher's Tin - Campus Gifts - £5.24

 Personalised Mints - You're A Mint Teacher - Getting Personal - £5.99
Best Teacher Frame - Temptation Gifts - £3.75
Teacher You're The Best Thank you Card - Not On The High Street - £2.50 
Personalised Best Teacher Chocolate - Prezzybox - £4.95 
 East of India Thank You Teacher Candle - LK Lovely Things - £6.95
Thank You Teaching Assistant Card - Clinton Cards - £1.50

Will your children be giving their teachers gifts?

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