Saturday, 12 July 2014

Thank you Teacher....

It's coming up to the end of term and I've been looking around for gifts to get my girls teacher's.....I usually just get them a card but this year Becky is leaving to go to secondary school so it's not like she's just moving up a year and I did consider getting Ellie's teacher a 'Sorry' card instead of a thank you one due to her challenging

There's so much out there...These are some of my favourite items I have found which won't break the bank....

Hugs Teacher Mug - Getting Personal - £2.99
Teacher Owl Notebook - Funky Pigeon - £5.99
Best Teacher Star Chocolates - Card Factory - 99p
Teacher's Assistant Key Chains - Zazzle - £3.10 
Bang On The Door Female Teacher Personalised Card - Born Gifted - £1.99
Teacher's Tin - Campus Gifts - £5.24

 Personalised Mints - You're A Mint Teacher - Getting Personal - £5.99
Best Teacher Frame - Temptation Gifts - £3.75
Teacher You're The Best Thank you Card - Not On The High Street - £2.50 
Personalised Best Teacher Chocolate - Prezzybox - £4.95 
 East of India Thank You Teacher Candle - LK Lovely Things - £6.95
Thank You Teaching Assistant Card - Clinton Cards - £1.50

Will your children be giving their teachers gifts?

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