Tuesday 1 July 2014

Takeaway....Yes please - Review!!

Recently I was given the chance to review an online food ordering service Takeaway.com....We love a takeaway....We don't have then too often so it's always a treat when we do...I have used an online ordering service before and didn't have a good experience with it....They took my money and cancelled the order and my money was stuck in limbo for three days....It put me right off until now....

Takeaway.com is one of the world leaders in online food ordering. Since the creating of their company in 2000, They have became a market leading in the Netherlands and are now actively developing our services in many European countries. Currently they have over 20.000 member’s and their websites record an average of 800,000 orders per month...

You simply enter your postcode on the website to find restaurants near where you live....If there is a lot you can narrow it down by type of cuisine, delivery costs, reviews, distance to you and many more categories....There were five local to me....

We knew what we wanted and that was Pizza!!

 The menu system is easy to understand and self explanatory.....You just click on what you want and it gets added to your order.....Everything is laid out well.

 I did fancy the The Pizza House Special which was Ham, pepperoni, peppers, sweetcorn, mushroom, salami & olives.....

The only problem was I don't like or wanted olives.....I couldn't see an option to give me the choice to remove them when making the order.....

When I went to pay there was a section to make 'remarks' I'm still not 100% sure if that was where I was supposed to mention the olives? It wasn't made clear in my opinion...

There was however an option to add extra toppings which I liked and the added option of getting a pizza with stuffed crust too....Yum!!

It didn't take us long to decide what we wanted.....Yes we are greedy guts when it comes to takeaway but any pizza or garlic bread which isn't eaten is always good for the next day....Pizza always tastes so good reheated the next day. Well I think it does anyway...

We ordered....

2 x 14 inch Pizzas - Quattro Stagioni & Hawaiian - £14.90   
2 Portions of Onion Rings - £ 3.00
A Quarter Pound Cheeseburger with No Sauce & Salad -
£ 2.70
A 12 inch Garlic Bread with Tomato Base - £ 4.50
Garlic Mushrooms - £ 2.00
Chips - £1.20

Delivery costs - £ 1.00
Total - £ 29.30

There are several ways to pay for your takeaway including Cash payment, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Bitcoin & if you have a voucher code you can use that too....

Check out was easy and I ordered the food to come as soon as possible....I ordered it at 6pm and received an email confirming my order seconds later.....

Our food arrived at 6.40pm which I thought was very quick....The food was piping hot too....I started dishing it up and realised something was wrong...The Cheeseburger was missing and a chicken burger was in it's place.....

In the confirmation email it said if you have any problems with your order ring the takeaway it's self....I did...They said that the person from Takeaway.com definitely said a chicken burger but on my confirmation email I was looking at it definitely said cheeseburger.....The man in the pizza shop was brilliant about this and sent us out a cheeseburger at no extra cost!

This ruined my meal as I was trying to eat and trying to listen out for the door as well...I couldn't relax and enjoy it even though the food was lovely....Stu didn't feel like eating his cheeseburger when it arrived and the chicken burger went into the bin!

On their Takeaway.com's website it says - 

The order arrives in our system and is directly sent to the restaurant you have ordered from. After a few seconds the restaurant receives the order by fax, email or our own software T-Connect. If the restaurant has no connection, your order will be passed by phone by a member of our call centre.

My order was passed on by phone and I'm guessing that the call centre person misread it OR the guy in the pizza shop misheard it.....If it was sent by fax, email or other means I think it would of been ok....

To be honest I don't think I will use this service again....I can't see the point of me ordering online for someone else just to ring up and order and then get the order wrong....I have however found a brilliant pizza shop....Their food was delicious!

I think the only way I would use it again is if I had been out for the day....I would use the app they have available on Android, Windows phone or iPhone when we're on the way home....


I was given a £30 voucher for the purpose of this review....This is my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own!! 


  1. Great idea. I remember with fondness the days when I could afford to eat food someone else has cooked. Now I'm a pensioner. Enough said. However, this looks like a great service.

    1. Oh dear....We enjoy a takeaway every now and again but it's a big treat.

  2. Goodness, what a disappointment. Like you said it seems a bit silly to have to go through Takeaway.com for the order just to be sent on again. At least you have found a new pizza place!

    1. Yes....Was the best food we've had in ages. :)

  3. It's odd that the order is passed over by phone rather than email - email would cut out the mistakes surely? Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. It is odd but from what I can gather there is takeaway shops which deal with emails and fax's which makes a lot more sense.

  4. What a shame they got it wrong. I really doubt they'd deliver to us in the middle of nowhere, I always have to collect our takeaways too.

    1. How annoying....The whole charm of a takeaway is that it's brought to your door.

  5. OMG this has made me so hungry! Such a shame that a mistake was made though, seems that they need to rethink their system! x

  6. I'm commenting again as I'm not sure the last one processed, apologies if it duplicates!
    Your pics have made me so hungry! Such a shame about the mistake though, seems that they need to rethink their current system. x

    1. I think blogger has changed something the message went through......I've commented on a few blogs today and the usual message saying the comment will be visible after approval isn't there anymore...Strange!

  7. Shame the service wasn't so good, but great that you've found a new pizza company to use anyway. #TriedTested

  8. Ah, that's a shame. I do online food ordering occasionally, but only directly with the company.

  9. A great idea but I'd be worried about specifics of orders not going through!

  10. How annoying. We order through an online service, but only because that way I get a few pence cash back through Quidco, so it makes me feel less guilty about spending the money! Daft, I know. I like your new header by the way, very nice :)

  11. There's nothing worse than looking forward to a takeaway all day and then the order being wrong - I ordered a chicken korma once and when it arrived it was a fish curry!! Put me off for life!! #TriedTested