Wednesday 25 October 2017

A bit of Halloween baking...

Over the last couple of days my girls and I have been having a bit of Halloween fun....

I bought some fab cake and biscuit mixes from Tesco. This is the first year that I have noticed their Halloween range. £2.00 a mix was a fair price and it gave the kids something to do.

They were simple mixes. Add an egg and butter to the cake mix and just butter to the biscuit mixes....Ellie made the cakes and Becky the biscuits.

The piping bag to put the icing on the cakes wasn't supplied. Thankfully I had some in the cupboard. 

We decorated them and I think they turned out quite well.....The buttercream which made the ghosts on the cakes melted a bit but you can still sort of see what they were meant to be....hehehe

Making the witches hat biscuits were a bit of a faff. There was no cookie cutter just a template on the inside of the box you had to cut out....We hat to cut around it. That was new to us. There was a cutter for the skeleton though. Phew! 

Decorating the skeleton biscuits was easy. It was just a case of squeezing the icing out to make the bones....

To decorate the witches hat biscuits was a bit trickier. We had to roll out the supplied icing and use the cardboard as a template to cut the icing out...We then used the white icing to decorate too.

I got to use a fancy piece of paper I saved from something as a background and took a picture of the prettiest one's we made! 

I'd liked to have said these are going to be saved for closer to Halloween but I think there is only a few left. hehehe

Have you done any Halloween baking?


  1. Oh these look fab, we haven't done any Halloween baking yet so I might have to nip to Tesco later to get some of these x

  2. We made some spooky bagels and I have a recipe for some witch's finger biscuits that look really horrible so I hope to find time for those !

  3. They're very cute. No, I haven't baked anything. I just made fruit treats like apple monster teeth, and Mandarin orange pumpkins. Yes, I ate them all already!

  4. Those are seriously cute! I love the hats! No Halloween baking has happened around here. Hopefully, this weekend! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


  5. sounds a bit too much a flaff to me, but a great thing to do with kids in your age range #pocolo

  6. These lok like so much fun to make with the kids Kim :) #pocolo

  7. Hi Kim, how fun! And easy to make too. The melted butter icing on the ghost cupcakes make them look more realistic. Proper little Caspers. Yo're really in the Halloween swing of things over there.


  8. what a great set of mixes, nice and handy to keep the girls amused. Shame the butter icing was a bit soft but the ghosts look great

  9. These look fab. I'm so rubbish at baking my daughter does all hers with her nan lol. Hope you enjoyed them #pocolo