Wednesday 4 October 2017

Our first date. Day 4 of #Blogtober17

I am taking part in Blogtober17 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October...Today's prompt is: Date.

My fella and I have been together for just over 11 years which seems crazy.....It is hard to remember life without him.

I met Stu, my fella on one of those free dating websites....We can't remember who messaged who first....I think I gave him a little tick or whatever it was on his profile and he messaged me. We got chatting online and then it progressed to texting and then actually speaking on the phone.....I remember saying to him he was so "geordie". He didn't live in Newcastle just closer than I did so the accent really stood out.

We chatted online for ages and on the phone for a few weeks then he travelled to meet me. He was putting the effort in and had booked to stay in a B&B.

I dropped Becky off at nursery just after lunchtime. She was spending the weekend with her real dad, he was picking her up so I had a bit of freedom....

Stu and I arranged to meet in a pub in the town near where I lived....My friend was coming along with me to check he wasn't an axe murderer or something and then would leave when I said so.....I walked into the pub saw Stu and my friend went to get drinks while I approached Stu. We had our first kiss upon meeting....We had been chatting for a good couple of months....It felt like we already knew each other. 

My other two friends, one who was like a mother figure decided they needed to meet him too and arrived about 10 minutes after I met Stu....I could have throttled them. lol They gave him the third degree but thankfully he looked like the profile pic he used and was ruddy lovely...He wasn't one of these people who acted one way on line and another in real life....Phew!

After about half an hour of awkward chatting we decided to go somewhere else for something to eat....Just the two of us and we got on great....I was of course shy but I felt comfortable with him.....

My friend had mentioned she was having a party that night and we decided to go along as "a couple".....It was the best night and he never actually made it to the B&B. Oops.

The next day if I remember rightly we went for a walk along the river and not much else....It was the start of the rest of our lives....

This post has made me realise I need more photos of just Stu & I.....I know I have them somewhere but this is the only one I could fine. Eesh!

Now we don't have many dates.....If we do manage to get out alone it always seems to be for breakfast or lunch. We are very short of babysitters and make the most of the time when the kids are at school....


  1. Aww, what a lovely post Kim. Just made me think of when I meet my husband. About 25 years ago now, eek.

  2. I can see both of your girls in you in that pic!This is a lovely story.We don't get to go out a lot either. #Blogtober17

  3. Aww, your story is lovely! I can't share mine fully, on my blog. Basically he was a one night stand........that lasted 28 years, so far hehe xx