Saturday 7 October 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 40 #Project365

Another week another Project 365 post. A photo for every day....

This week seems to have lasted forever....We had teenage school issues to deal with on Monday, a hospital visit to get my girls hearts checked and a class assembly yesterday. I am back to living for the weekends when we can relax.

259/365 - 30th September
We made sushi....These were our fillings.

260/365 - 1st October
Ellie had all her little people out.

261/365 - 2nd October
We got an invite to Ellie's class assembly. It was all about the Tudors and it was fab! She had a speaking part and did so well.

262/365 - 3rd October
Ellie came 3rd out of the whole of Year 6 in a times table challenge. I am so proud!

263/365 - 4th October
The school photos were taken and the proofs sent out along with the price list! I don't get them every year but this year I am going to as it's Ellie's last year in primary school.

264/365 - 5th October
McDonald's for lunch after the hospital visit.

265/365 - 6th October
Pj's and dressing gown on....Tablet in hand. She's ready for the weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a good week for Ellie with her times tables and assembly. It must always be a worry when their hospital appointments come around.
    I don't buy the school photos every year either, but I have to buy them for my daughter and eldest this year as they are both at their new school! Plus my son has clear skin, there's no way I could have bought it last year as his acne was so awful and he wouldn't have wanted to remember that.