Saturday 21 October 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 42 #Project365

We have had quite a busy week....Well busy compared to what we are used to. We've had a parents evening, harvest festival, a welly walk and a couple of exciting deliveries....

Now for a photo every day...

272/365 - 14th October
These two were watching scary films...I had my headphones on hiding behind my laptop screen.

272/365 - 15th October
Enjoying a lazy Sunday.

272/365 - 16th October
Monday was the day of the freaky sky. It was nearly dark in here at 2pm in the afternoon.

272/365 - 17th October
On Tuesday I was watching This Morning and they showed everyone how to make the poached eggs. This was the first time I have ever made nearly perfect poached eggs...

272/365 - 18th October
I had a very exciting delivery on Tuesday but didn't get chance to open it  

272/365 - 19th October
I love this time of year....I keep finding Christmas lists Ellie has written.

272/365 - 20th October
Another exciting delivery. A box full of East and South-east Asian snacks from Chimasu to review.


  1. the south east asian snacks look fab, i too hide behind something if a horror movie is on. I never noticed the sky on Monday when I flew out of heathrow

  2. Lovely pictures Kim. It is nice just to chill after a busy week :)

  3. OOh those snacks look fab. I love a good horror movie, not sure my kids will quite yet. The sky was really strange wasn't it at the start of the week. Enjoy your week lovely xx

  4. The sky was so weird on Monday! Your poached eggs look very impressive! I can't make good ones either. Wow, that is a very comprehensive Christmas list! My kids never tell me what they want, which can be quite challenging!

  5. Well done on the poached eggs. I always tend to fry, boil or scramble rather than poach.

  6. Wow, that's a long Christmas list. I love poached eggs but rarely make them because noone else in the house eats them. There was a lot of egg talk last week on the radio too

  7. I only eat microwave boiled eggs, well the joke to tell the truth.
    Nice chilled out picture.
    DD2 has that hand held dyson and have to say I am not impressed, and neither was she, she quickly replaced it.

  8. Ha that would be me too if there was a scary film on...don't like watching them! Oh nice delivery of the Dyson...been debating whether to get one myself.