Thursday 12 October 2017

My girls love... Day 12 of #Blogtober17

I am taking part in Blogtober17 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October...Today's prompt is: Love

This prompt for me was a tough one...I obviously love my girls, my fella, my blog, wine, Bon Jovi and food but writing about my loves is boring...I have written plenty about them in the past. I thought I would write about what my girls love.

Ellie my 10 year old loves:

Ellie is obsessed with Unicorns. She has clothes, toys, teddies and sometimes even pretends to be one. I know it is just a fad but I am really enjoying it. It may be costing me a small fortune though. lol

Her Monkey.
I wrote a whole blog post about her soft toy which isn't actually a monkey. Her love for him isn't fading and it is so sweet...He really is part of the family!

Jo Jo Siwa
The girl with the big She was on Dance Moms. I've never seen it but Ellie has told me about it. Ellie knows her off YouTube and as a singer and of course for the big bows that all the kids are wearing now a days. We went into Primark last week just to have a look at her clothing range. We had to buy a t-shirt. The doll is on Ellie's Christmas list and goodness knows what else...

Given the choice she will choose to drink water over anything else which is a good thing but she also loves playing in it! I can fill the sink with water and she will play for hours....She has temper tantrums when I try to take her out of the bath or shower and in the summer she will play outside for hours playing with the hosepipe and in the paddling pool...

Becky my 15 year old loves:

You Tube
She is obsessed....She has her favourite You Tubers. Joe Sugg, Zoella, Louise Pentland, Logan & Jake Paul, Niki and Sammy and lots of others....Given the chance she would watch videos all day....I would say she watches more You Tube than actual TV. 

The colour Green.
If it's green she has to have it....It's not the typical colour that most people like but she does. 

Her bed.
Yes most teeneager's love their sleep but my girl would spend all day Saturday and Sunday in bed watching YouTube videos on her TV. 

If Becky see's something with any sort of emoji's she wants it. She has bedding, clothes, books slippers, decorations in her room, jigsaws, teddies, cushions...The list of things goes on and on and she has already mentioned a few things she wants for Christmas with emoji's on.


  1. I am with Ellie, I love unicorns! It is funny how these fads come around during, I wonder what will be next.

  2. Hi Kim, well done for doing Blogtober, last year I remember saying I may give iot a go this year, but there is no way I could keep up with a post a day! You're nearly half way through, so keep up the good blogging!...

    It is so sweet when children still enjoy the magical things like unicorns, it sounds daft but wouldn't it be nice if they never stopped believing. It's great that Ellie loves water, it so much better than sugary drinks and I bet she can swim like a fish.

    My 17 year old enjoys watching YouTubers too, but doesn't watch them as much as she did a couple of years ago (it's a time thing, not a lack of interest thing). Now she listens to Spotify whilst doing her homework... Green can be such a pretty colour, but I don't think I've ever met anyone who calls it their favourite. Being different is good!.. I'm not actually sure what the Emoji craze is, but I'm sure my nephew bought some Emoji stuff when he was over o holiday in the summer.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  3. I think every 15 year old loves YouTube, haha. Good luck with Blogtober.

    Corinne x

  4. Lovely post, especially in the years to come when we read back and we remember the trends our children followed. Btw I'm so with you on Bon Jovi x

  5. So interesting to read about the things that your girls love. I love that Ellie loves her monkey so much. I had a favourite doll when I was a child that had to go everywhere with me and she now lives in our spare room. Green is an unusual favourite colour but it's nice to have the confidence to be difference and go for the things you really like :-)