Friday 20 October 2017

Why my teen doesn't like me. Day 20 of #Blogtober17

I am taking part in Blogtober17 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October...Today's prompt is: Teenagers....

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about why my tween doesn't like me. I thought I would do an updated version....Becky turned 15 last month so is well into the teenage years now.

Back in 2015 Becky had never said she hated me....Wow! She has since, quite a few times. It's normal though. People keep telling me so and I remember saying it to my mother....I am still blaming the hormones....I know she doesn't mean it.

A couple of years ago I used to have to nag at her to go in the shower or bath....Now she will spend all day in there given the chance. She hates it when I tell her to get out of the shower. Even if other people are waiting to go in. I am just being mean. This is after a good half hour has passed it's not like she had just got in. lol....When it comes to having a bath she thinks it is her god given right to have a bath bomb....If I don't let her have one I am just being greedy and selfish.

I make Becky help around the house....Just little jobs like putting the dishes away, hanging the washing on the line or helping putting the shopping away. I think these are life skills which need to be taught.

I don't wash her clothes quickly enough! She complains when she leaves something on her bedroom floor and it isn't washed the next day....I keep telling her unless she brings her clothes downstairs or at least put them in her washing basket how am I meant to know they are dirty.....It's not like I'm even asking her to put them in the washer herself....

I shout when she has neglected to mention that she has homework.....Especially when it gets to about 8pm at night and she starts getting her school things out.....Grr! Obviously watching YouTube was more important than homework.

I won't let her walk upstairs or downstairs in her slippers.....They are big and clumpy....They are a serious accident waiting to happen. She has already tripped over in them several time....Becky has said I am too over protective and need to stop caring....I just can't do that. 

I won't buy her an iPhone....Have you seen the price of them? That is a months rent!! She has a Samsung phone. One good enough for what she needs it for but according to her I depriving her....All her friends have one so she needs one too....

Becky hates it when I stop her snacking....I don't deprive her of food but sometimes she can see that I am in the middle of cooking tea and she goes to the fridge and picks at things 10 minutes before tea is ready!! Eesh!

I still won't let her watch Geordie Shore, Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.....She still hates me for that. When she is at an age where she can watch them I will happily watch them with her....This does not amuse her. lol She thinks now she is 15 she can watch 15 rated films....Some of them are OK but she want's to see the horror film IT. No chance!

I won't let her go to the park with her friends....A few months ago in a park near us a 16 year old girl was raped....

I make her brush her teeth after every meal. Becky thought as soon as she got her braces off she wouldn't have to brush them as much...That came as a shock to

Becky hates it when I listen to "her" music, enjoy it and sing along.....I am frowned upon when I say I like The Bieber, Jake & Logan Paul, Ed Sheeran and dancing to Little Mix is a big no, no! 

My girl knows everything and is always right......Of course in her 15 years of being alive she knows more than I do in my 37 years of being alive.....

It is challenging being a mother of a teenager but I wouldn't change it.....For every iffy moment we have we have at least 50 amazing, memorable moments.....Teen years are hard but they are totally worth it. I recently wrote a blog post about Why I love having a teenager. They are not that bad. hehehe

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  1. I had forgotten these years, I was such an awful teenager, my poor mother!