Saturday 7 October 2017

Hopes and goals for the rest of this year. Day 7 of #Blogtober17

I am taking part in Blogtober17 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October...Today's prompt is: Goals.

There is only a few months left of this year and November and December are the most exciting months of the year for me. There is my birthday and then Christmas! I have set myself a few goals....I have been thinking about these things before writing this blog post but writing them down means I have to do them....hehehe

I want to go out for a meal with Stu for my birthday without the kids...

I want to make a new blog header for my blog and social media accounts....

I want to do lots of Christmas crafts with the kids....

I want to get a camera....I just use my mobile phone at the moment...

I want to do all the Christmas present shopping online and hopefully get it finished by the end of November.

I want to start uploading videos at least once a week to You Tube.

To sort through my clothes and put the summer one's away.

I want to have a big clear out and declutter before Christmas and sort through all the girls toys....

Take the kids trick or treating....

I want to go to the hairdressers and have my hair cut properly. I haven't been for at least 10 years. Eek!

I want to sort through all the photos on my computer and move all the good one's over onto the external hard drive where all the family photos are kept.

Go out and have a Christmas dinner before Christmas.

Complete the Project 365 project without missing a daily photo! So far so good and of course Blogtober17!

I want to get a new slow cooker so I can try some new recipes...


  1. Some awesome goals there. I bet you'll smash them all!! :) #Blogtober17

  2. Fantastic goals! I hope you get your meal, that is a lovely one x

    1. I am determined to...I am hoping it will be a Christmas one. hehehe I think the Christmas meals will have started by the middle of November. lol

  3. Hope you get your meal out. I really need to do a big declutter before Christmas