Wednesday 16 May 2018

10 is officially the most difficult age for modern children?

According to research forget the terrible teens 10 is officially the most difficult age for modern children....

A nationwide survey into the highs and lows of modern parenting has revealed as many as 86 percent of parents believe children are turning into stroppy “teenagers” earlier than when they were young. 

Ellie is 10 years old and I know for a fact she thinks, wants and worries about different things that I did when I was 10 years old. Yes, she still plays with dolls but wants to wear make up, high heeled shoes, she wants social media accounts, a boyfriend and to be a grown up....When I was her age I can't remember wanting to grow up as much as she did....

It is said that children are growing up more quickly due to their hormones kicking in earlier due to diet and environmental factors. Trying to emulate older siblings, the pressures of school exams and their peers acting older than their years were also among the reasons why parents thought their kids were reaching adolescence earlier than they did. 

There are girls in Ellie's class at school who act a lot older than they are. Yes some are nearly a year older than my girl due to her being born at the end of August & them being born at the beginning of September but I think their parents have a lot to do with this. Letting them roam free on the streets, have social media accounts early and basically letting their kids do what they want. Ellie and I had a discussion a couple of weeks ago because she wanted a Facebook account. It's not going to happen.

When asked how they deal with tween, 13 percent admitted they ignore bad behaviour while 55 percent are more patient and think the best policy is to talk things through as much as possible but a more robust 15 percent take a zero tolerance stance, playing hardball with their pre-teens when it comes to stroppy behaviour. 

I try to ignore as much of the bad behaviour as I can, I talk things through but if Ellie isn't up for talking I do "play hardball" on her....There is only so many times I can stop telling her to stop doing something or say no to a ridiculous demand.....

The top signs of having a difficult tween:

1. They throw toddler style tantrums.
Oh yes, Ellie is an expert at these.....When she was a toddler she was quite calm & chilled compared to what she is now. Stamping feet, slamming doors and throwing things happen a lot here.

2. They spend too long on tablets/phones.
Ellie is quite good at limiting herself on her tablet and the computer....She will go off and do other things.

3. They are overly emotional for no reason.
Yep. I wouldn't say for no reason but she is over dramatic about silly little things....Ellie's slime got mixed the other day. Blue was mixed with pink and there was tears, so many tears. It was sorted in a few minutes but her reaction was way over the top.

4. They refuse to go to bed at bedtime.
Ellie has always hated to go to

5. They leave their room in a state.
Yes! Over the last year or so her room has become a state more quickly. Clothes everywhere! I still make her tidy it though. 

6. They are messy.
Ellie has always been messy....She comes in from school and there is a trail of things through the house. School bag, shoes, tie, jumper, bag, books....She has got better at tidying her mess up though.

7. They are a fussy eater.
Food she loved years ago she hates now. I think she would happily live on sandwiches and cereal given the chance.

8. They don't want to be seen with parents/grandparents.
She hates it when I walk her to school and hates it even more when I talk to her friends....hehehe She wants to be more independent and I am giving her a little more freedom.

9. They don't want any affection.
Cuddles and kisses are a no, no unless it is on her terms and especially in public.

10. They refuse to brush their teeth.
Up until a few months ago I would have said yes but after trying the Aquafresh Advance which is just for tweens she is more willing. Phew!

Do you have a tween? Are they difficult?
Tell me I'm not the only one with one who would test the patience of a saint.


  1. I do think that 10 is an awkward age, My 10 year old has become very stroppy and I know she picks up a lot of behaviour from her peers at school. She still likes a cuddle and affection from her mum though. I get a hug as soon as she gets in from school and one before she goes to bed and without any prompting :)

  2. Never thought of 10 being like this - would have associated more eith teenagers

  3. I can see why 10 can be so difficult. My girl will be nine in a few months time and some of these issues are starting to sneak in so I can imagine we'll have more to deal with in a year or so.

  4. This is so true! My son and daughters do everything in this article! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I didn't realize how much I've let them slack off.