Tuesday 22 May 2018

Brain Lab For Kids - Review!

My girls love anything to do with science and sometimes I get a bit stuck thinking of fun things to do with them...I was sent the Brain Lab For Kids book to have a look through with them. 52 Mind-Blowing Experiments, Models, and Activities to Explore Neuroscience.

Riding a bicycle, learning a new language, catching a ball, reading a book: these activities and everything else we see, hear, feel, and do are made possible by the soft, whitish-pink substance inside our heads called the brain. And yet, we take for granted many of the amazing things our brain does for us. Brain Lab for Kids offers 52 family-friendly activities, science experiments, and models to help us understand how the brain accomplishes all that it does.

There are 10 different sections covering The Neuron, The Brain, Reflexes, Taste, Smell, Vision, Touch, Hearing, Sleep & Body Rythams and Memory.....

With each experiment in this book it gives you a clear indication to how long it will take to compete the experiment and what you will need....The “Methods” section provides a step by step guide of what to do and there is also lots of useful information, facts and trivia.

Most of the experiments use things that you will find around the home so there is no need to be spending extra money on things you will only use once.

My girls love this book and have already done a few of the experiments. Blind Spot was one of the first they did. It showed you how to find your blind spot on the retina of your eye....It took seconds to set up and kept them entertained for about 15 minutes.

The girls also did Drop off time on Friday night. An experiment to see how long it takes you to drop off to sleep....It involved noting what time you started to go to sleep, laying in bed holding a spoon over a plate and when you fall asleep you drop the spoon and it clatters onto the plate & it wakes you up and you note the time. In the morning you work out how long it took you to fall asleep.

This was a funny one because Ellie fell asleep and didn't hear the spoon fall onto the plate. It did because Becky heard it. lol My guess is that because she had her good ear on the pillow and being deaf in the other she just didn't hear it....Becky heard her spoon fall and it took her 18 minutes to fall asleep.

There is plenty of more experiments for us to work through and I think we will....The girls really like this book and have learned things from it which is fantastic.

Brain Lab For Kids is easy to understand, bright and kept my girls engaged. I would say it is more suited for older children but younger children can have fun with the experiments but may not understand the science behind them.....

You can buy this book from Quarto Knows for £12.99....

We were sent this book free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Sounds great - never mind the nephews id love it

  2. We love the educational books from Quarto, they are always amazing. This looks great with all kinds of interesting experiments. #TriedTested

  3. This looks like such a great book with clear instructions for little scientists to follow. E was given a couple of kits for Christmas but once a few things have exploded you're not left with much and he has this idea now that science is all about mixing things and having to wear safety goggles. I bet this book is cheaper than a kit too with more endless possibilities for things to do.

  4. The sleep experiment sound really interesting!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  5. This sounds like a great science book. I particularly like that your girls are interested in science and that many of the experiments can be done with stuff you naturally have laying around the house. #MMBC