Wednesday 2 May 2018

What I loved in April....

This past month has flown over....It really has. I have found it hard to remember what we have been up to. The kids were off for their Easter holidays which seemed to last forever and we've had hearing tests, eye tests and more meetings about Autism

The Breville Blender.

I bought the Breville Blend-Active Blender Family Pack from John Lewis and it's the best money I have spent in a long time....I paid £25 but it as gone up by a few pounds since. As well as the blender you get two 600ml adult-sized bottles and two smaller 300ml bottles for the kids. This is a really fantastic blender. It has blended everything we put into it. Frozen fruit, nuts and seeds and chocolate.

One of us in the house has used it every day. Stu loves smoothies for breakfast with blended fruit, Belvita biscuits and milk in. I like fruity one's with juice in and the kids love ice cream and milk blended with things like Reeses peanut butter cups, Skittles and Mint Aero's.....

Entering competitions....

I used to be an avid comper but over the years I lost interest...I still used to enter blog one's but that's about it. Over the last month or so I have had a a few wins and it has got me back in the mood. I have been entering plenty of competitions. Fingers crossed I get some wins!


The kids have had extra revision classes after school. Becky for her GCSE English Literature and Ellie for her SATs. Ellie even spent time at school during the Easter holidays and she loved every second. I am so glad that my girls are willing to learn and all of the revision is paying off. We got a school report for Becky and she is doing really well and we spoke to Ellie's teacher and she is doing great too. She is trying hard and that's all I can ask for.

Reviewing some fab things....

This month has introduced me to plenty of things which I probably wouldn't have bought if I hadn't first been sent them to review! The Dorco EVE 6 razor is the best razor I have ever used and I probably will subscribe when I have used the blades I have. The ACE - Household and laundry cleaning products really are ace! They are my go to stain removal product now and the Glam Goo Ellie was sent to review was a huge hit. More of the packs have already been added to her birthday list.


We have had a taste of the warmer weather and I want more. The kids played outside, we ate salads and ice cream and we were so close to having a BBQ but someone couldn't be bothered to find it in the shed! 

What have you loved in April?


  1. I actually loved the really hot weather and it got the family going outside a lot more.

  2. FABULOUS month -good look with competitions - always inspires when you win

  3. Wishing the girls well in their exams and I'm all for a good stain remover - eldest got the juice of strawberries and orange all over her yesterday! #mmbc

  4. Lovely roundup, my youngest loves the glam goo too! Thanks for linking up #BloggersBests