Thursday 31 May 2018

What I loved in May!

Another month has flown over! This year is going way too quickly. Can you believe it's only about 8 weeks until the kids break up from school for the summer holidays. Eek!

The Greatest Showman.
Ohh! I love it, I really do. I have lost count of how many times I've watched it. I still can't see myself getting bored of it anytime soon. Ellie has said the school choir she is in is singing "This is me" from it at one of the end of term concerts. I will cry. If it is the year 6 leavers assembly I know I will be full on ugly crying....

Getting through the SATs. 
Ellie has had her SATs tests at school and we got through them, just! There were a few moments when I seriously considered saying no she is not taking them! She will never admit it but they did stress her out and in turn stress me out which then stressed my fella out. lol

Bank holidays
We have made the most of the two bank holidays we've had this month....On the first one we went to the beach and the most recent one we went to the big park in Blyth. We had a fantastic time....

I love my soaps and watch them all but over the past month I have screamed at the TV so much with it. Kim being locked away & nearly dying, the Ryan story line ending (finally), Sienna, dying, Nico coming back from the dead, the fact Sienna faked her death, Warren returning and stealing the 2nd twin, Adam being shot by his dad, Dee Dee having a life-threatening brain condition and Mandy & Darren! What a month for Hollyoaks! They did well.

It feels like summer is coming...The kids have played out. (Mostly Ellie with her friends), we've been to the beach, BBQ's have been had and I nearly even got the paddling pool out....The sunshine really seems to life my mood and makes me feel motivated. I do like it.

New clothes....
With all the sunshine we had I realised that Ellie especially needed some shorts and t-shirts. I couldn't resist buying a few bits for us all though. The girls still won't wear their Disney Princess t-shirts at the same time as I wear mine but Ellie has practically being living in hers. Wear, wash, wear wash is how it's going at the moment. 

What have you loved in May?


  1. I am
    Loving the greatest showman too. We actually have it on now xx

  2. Awww bless Ellie, hope the SATS went well and she has celebrated them being over! May has been wonderful, I've certainly enjoyed the amazing weather we have been experiencing... long may it continue! Sim x #PoCoLo

  3. Kathryn Hipkin3 June 2018 at 19:43

    May you, glad my younger one has finished her SATS but a bit sad that her time in primary school is coming to an end, bless her.
    Off at half term and we managed to do a few things without spending TOO much money; we went swimming twice, we went to Sunderland on the metro and spent time in the play area in the park behind the winter gardens then had lunch out. Been cycling a bit.
    D's cousin got married on 19 May so we went down to Southwell for that. Mixed feelings here; lovely wedding but a LONG trip and we drove 150 miles on Saturday then back on the Sunday. FAR further than I would normally drive (D cannot drive) and my back really suffered from sitting down for so long. Hence all the swimming.
    However, Jane and Phil made a lovely couple (she was a beautiful bride) and it was nice to catch up with some of D's other cousins including Trish Burgess (of
    I missed my mum's Royal wedding party - as it was obviously on the same day - but the kids were there with some of their cousins and they enjoyed that.
    Just being off work was a big treat and I even won some prizes - teabags, a book and a chopping board from twitter (be warned, if you ever win #choppingboardtuesday on twitter, the chopping board is MASSIVE, nearly bigger than the little one so make sure an adult is around to carry or collect it!)