Thursday 17 May 2018

Shopping for summer clothes from Sports Direct.

I really love Sports Direct. At least three of four times a year I will do a bit of shopping with them. I mainly buy for the girls but last year I bought myself some things.....I am still wearing everything I bought and my trainers still look as good as new!

Now the weather is turning warmer I realised that Ellie has hardly any summer clothes. She has dresses but no shorts and a lot of her t-shirts were getting too small for her so I thought I would buy a few things and now I am sharing what I bought....

Miso Cycling Shorts Child Girls - I got 2 pairs for £5. 
Disney Princess Short Sleeve T Shirt in a size 6 for Ellie and it cost £3.
Lee Cooper - Believe in Magic Unicorn t-shirt - £4
Lee Cooper - Believe in Sparkle me with fairydust t-shirt - £4

Miso Mini Denim Jeggings Girls - Black Wash - £3.99 
LA Gear Three Quarter Jogging Pants Junior Girls - £3.00. I got her a pink and a black pair.
Miso Three Quarter Leggings - £3.50
Lee Cooper - Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids and Rainbows t-shirt - £4.00

Ellie was delighted with everything I got her. I got the jeggings in size 11 to 12 but they are so long on. Becky who is 15 tried them on and they were perfect on her. That is the thing with Sports Direct. Some of the sizes are on the big size but it's nothing to worry about. She'll grow into them.

Becky didn't need much this time. She isn't into wearing shorts and has plenty of t-shirts but I couldn't get Ellie without getting her something so I got her a few things.

Golddigga Jeggings - £3.00. Becky has about 4 pairs of these and I have a couple too. They are so comfy but look good too. For a few pounds a pair I really don't mind buying her them.
I also got Becky a Disney Princess Short Sleeve T Shirt the same as Ellie's and a Lee Cooper red Casual T Shirt - £2.99

Stu wasn't left out. I got him an Official Assassins Creed T Shirt which cost £4.99. He loves it.

I also treated myself to a couple of tops.....

DC Comics Superman T Shirt - £5.99 I have been looking at this top for about a year umming and ahhing about whether to buy it or not. This time I did. I am sure it has gone down in price since I last looked at it too.

I also bought one of the Disney Princess t-shirts for myself to match the girls. They were not amused and I am not allowed to wear it at the same time as them. hehehe

The last thing I bought was a couple of sets of trainer socks. Up until a few months ago I never wore trainer socks. I hated them but since I seem to be living in my trainers it makes sense to use them. It means I can wear leggings or 3/4 length pants with them.

 I got the black and grey one's which cost £4.00 for 10 pairs and the kids the white and grey one's which cost £3.50. Becky will probably use mine and the one's I bought for her and Ellie to share. 

Have you bought any new clothes for the summer?
What did you get?


  1. wow some fantastic buys there - and great prices!

  2. Bargains! Always forget about this shop - im off to look

  3. I like the look of the Disney Princesses top - it can suit any age.