Thursday 3 May 2018

My firsts. A sort of tag.

I found a tag all about "Firsts" and it has been sat in my drafts for ages, probably years. My teen reminded me of it when she was asking what my first Instagram photo was....I have decided to answer some of the questions and add some of my own just so I can share some old photos.

First friend?
Was Angelina was Primary school. I am still friends with her on Facebook. I have a cracking school photo but don't want to put it on here in case others in don't want it sharing. It really made me think what were our parents thinking. 80's fashion was bad!

First boyfriend?
Was called Andy. He worked on a nearby farm (I used to live on a farm too) and was a little older than me....He was cool. He had a leather jacket, drove a tractor and 

First Pet?
Was Anchor. He was a huge German Shepherd dog but was so soft and put up so well with my brother and I. That is my brother in the photo I think....I am not sure if it was actually me or not. lol That is me on the horse with my uncle Walter. Scampi was my first pony.....He was a little devil. See the row of trees in the background he knew he could fit under the branches and knock me off and did this often....

First celebrity crush?
Jason Donovan. I watched Neighbours and was obsessed with him. I bought all his music on proper cassette tapes and knew all the words....I still have a soft spot for him now.

First job?
Was at some riding stables....I lived on a farm, had my own horses but still wanted to shovel other peoples horses poop in exchange for riding the owners horses. He had loads and my favourites were Hannah & Cleo. Cleo was lovely but Hannah the brown horse was evil. She was a biter and known for just galloping off when you were sat on her back. It was fun riding her though. You never knew where you were going to end up.

First teacher?
I can actually remember my nursery teachers. Mrs Price and her assistant Joanne. I think it was because on the way to my Aunty Jeans house we would pass Mrs Price's house and we would always say "that's her house"....

Some other firsts....The first time I walked & the first photo with my brother?

I have been told about the day I first walked. My Aunty Jean was there and I was so close to walking but I waited until she had left to take my first steps alone....hehehe

I can actually remember the first photo of my brother and I been taken. It was one of my dad's cousins who took it and sent us it when she got it developed. I only remember the day because she is a relative we don't see very often because she lives in Birmingham. 

First Instagram photo?

Was this of my Samsung S5 phone....For such a long time I only had a basic phone after loosing one and I was so lucky to win a S5 a couple of days after it was released in a Twitter retweet competition. I still use the same phone now....

First Facebook picture?
Was this one....Ellie was only a couple of weeks old at the most and Becky would have been about 5 years old. It's only just over 10 years ago but I feel that I look so young. I have so many more wrinkles and grey hairs now. hehehe

When I started writing this blog post at the weekend it got us looking though old photos for this blog post in proper photo albums which caused much hilarity when the kids saw me when I was a teenager.....They have seen the photos before but they were younger and were nice. Now they are mean girls. lol I did have bad hair and the clothes were so bad. lol


  1. You must have had an interesting life living on a farm. The horses look very majestic.

  2. Aw what a lovely trip down memory lane and I love your pics. I did giggle at Jason Donovan. I was a Craig McClachlan fan like Anne hehe! (Oh the shame) 🤣 x