Friday 4 May 2018

Star Wars sneakers from Po-Zu....

Today seemed the perfect day to share this blog post with it being Star Wars Day! May the Forth be with you! 

Po-Zu is an award-winning brand that creates ethical footwear made from non-harmful materials. The brand aims to combine supreme comfort with outstanding ethics and sustainable materials including Pinatex (which is a type of leather imitation made from Pineapple leaf fibres), linen and a specially developed memory foam-style ‘foot mattress’ which is made from natural latex and cork.  

Last month Po-Zu launched some new Star Wars sneakers and my fella was lucky enough to be sent a pair to try out...

Stu chose the Falcon one's which unisex and feature a technical drawing of the Millennium Falcon. They cost £59.00.

These are hand made in Sri Lanka and they are organic! The entire sole including foxing and toe cap is made in locally sourced Fair Trade rubber, certified by the Fair Rubber Association. They feature removable memory foam foot mattress (which allows orthotics placement) in latex and coconut husk. They are even vegan friendly!

They are available in UK sizes 3 to 13 (EU sizes 36 – 47).

Upon opening the box Stu fell in love with them.....For a Star Wars fan you can see exactly what they are, The Millennium Falcon for a none Star Wars fan (me) they just look cool like a nice pair of sneakers....

Looking at the sole I thought it looked like it didn't fit properly but upon reading about the shoes on the Po-Zu website there is a reason for this. They are removable and it turns out the foot-mattress will mould to your exact foot shape in about a week....

When Stu put them on he said they were comfy from the first minute so there was nothing to worry about. He wore them for a good few hours and there was no complaints. The sizing is accurate but they recommend that if you're in between sizes to choose the larger size.

Stu is really pleased with his new sneakers and would happily buy this brand in the future....

As well as the one's Stu was sent Po-Zu have a whole range of Star Wars sneakers, boots and hi-tops. I am not even a Star Wars fan but I do love the look of the Porg one's which again are are unisex. 
Po-Zu's are designed to be very durable and for added peace of mind all their shoes come with a 12-month warranty.

I really do like the whole ethos behind Po-Zu.....They believe shoes should be things you fall in love with and they should be created to last. They also believe you should be able to buy your shoes guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that they were created with love for people & planet and with respect for traditional craft communities...

All of the materials come from naturally renewable sources and are responsibly harvested. In the factories where the shoes are made nearly all the waste products are recycled and 10% of their net profit goes to charity. You can find out more about their ethical promises on their website. I really warms my heart that there is companies like this....

If you fancy a pair I have a discount code which gives you £20 off any Star Wars shoes by Po-Zu (with the exception of the pre-orders). The code is MAYTHEFOURTH20 and it expires at midnight on May the 6th 2018.

We were sent these sneakers free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. WOOOOOOOOW!!!!! I love the millennium falcon design!!! Hard core star wars fan over here.1 May the fourth be with you on this international star wars day! Totally getting me a pair of these!!!

  2. These look really cool. I quite fancy a pair. Happy Star Wars Day!

  3. Oooo la la im LOVING the style - so cool

  4. These shoes would make such a great gift for any Star Wars fan.

  5. Oh these look amazing, stylish yet character led. #TriedTested

  6. I've not heard of that brand but they've certainly combined an on trend design with ethical consumer choices. Lucky Stu!

  7. How cool are they! I love that they mould to your feet too - I'm sure they will be really comfortable.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  8. I have a friend who would love these! #triedtested