Tuesday 15 May 2018

Little Brian Mini Paint Sticks - Painting without the mess!

Ellie loves drawing, colouring and painting but I sometimes feel a bit stressed at the idea of paint getting everywhere. It still happens even at her age....Now there is a way to enjoy painting but without the mess! 

Little Brian Paint Sticks are very clever. Each stick contains liquid paint which has been transformed into a solid. They twist up and down like a glue stick, there is no need for water or brushes and can be used on all sorts of surfaces including paper, card, canvas and wood and windows! 

The paint sticks are water soluble, child friendly and they are perfect for little hands. 

They are so easy to use....You take the lid of and draw on whatever you are painting on. It goes on just like paint would. Ellie was amazed by them and so was I....There was a great selection of colours. I liked that there was different shades of blue and green....

The paint went onto the paper so easily! The paint once put onto paper or whatever surface you are using dries within seconds so there is no need to have space to dry your child's artwork and there is less chance of anyone getting covered in paint!

 These were just about mess free....Ellie went off the paper a couple of times but the paint left on the floor was easily wiped up with a wet wipe....

If you want to the paint sticks can be used with water to produce wonderful 'wash' and blended effect artwork but they will of course take a little longer to dry.

We loved these. They are just as fun as painting but without the mess. They are something I would buy in the future. Ellie has already asked for the Metallic Paint Sticks! I think they might be going on her birthday list.

The 12 Mini Paint Sticks have an R.R.P of £5.99 whilst the 24 pack have an R.R.P of £9.99 and both are now available to buy online at Amazon.

We were sent these free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Now these I love, paint without the mess, bring it on! #TriedTested

  2. These look amazing and apart from the fact I know you wouldn't fib I almost can't believe my eyes! Dry to wet and then dry again, my boys would love these. My toddler rather misses out on painting as I just can't bear the clean up job and he's not as good as his brother was at heading the warning ''only on paper''. They are such a good price too, I was tempted to contact Little Brian and ask if we could review them too but I think I'd happily just go and get some!

    1. Hey Nic, we would love for you to review our Paint Sticks! Drop us a message on one of our social media platforms @littlebrianart :). We would love for you to see with your own eyes how fantastic our quick drying Paint Sticks are, and no longer give you the stress of worrying about the mess

  3. These sound great - the boys will love them and Me too.. no mess !

  4. What a great idea - I do tend to give painting a miss as it makes a mess. #triedtested

  5. The bane of having paint around the house terrifies me, so this is a welcomed concept in my household.

  6. Oh, wow, I am definitely checking these out! I love Crayola's watercolor pencils and now I can't find them any more, so these paint sticks may be a great alternative.

  7. I have some paint sticks, we bought some a while back and love them! I want to add the metallic ones to our collection aswell as they are fab, I also used them on our window and was amazed that they came off so easily. Great review! Popping over from #TheGreatToyReveal

  8. These look like they would be great for when travelling about - might have to get some for our camping kit!

  9. What a fab idea! I am loving the 'no mess' part and they are good value too! I think Ellie's rainbow looks awesome. :) x

  10. These are such a great idea! Would make my crafting less messy and save my mummy a headache! #TheGreatToyReveal x