Friday 11 May 2018

The week started off great but it has slowly gone downhill. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

The week started off great but it has slowly gone downhill....

I finally got my glasses. After having a bit of fuss when I was ordering them with a rude staff member going back was a bit of a worry for me but the woman serving me couldn't have been nicer. I have been wearing them off and on all week and the are fantastic. It is like seeing the world in HD.

We had a great weekend....Ellie had great fun playing with more Glam Goo. It has lasted really well and she was still playing with it last night. 

We made the most of the bank holiday. The the sun was shining and we had a day out at the beach. It was the perfect day. Sun, sand, chips and ice-cream....

On Tuesday the kids went back to school....They were tired after being out on Monday and on Tuesday they both had after school clubs so came home exhausted and the spent the evening bickering....

Ellie went to bed in a mood because she got it into her head that she needs a Facebook account because all of her friends have one. They don't, only a few! She should know better. She heard me and was involved in the discussions I had with Becky a few years ago when she wanted a Facebook account. The rule is they don't have a Facebook account until they are 13! It would make life a whole lot easier if all parents played by the same rules...

I woke up on Wednesday morning not feeling great. I thought I had hay fever but as the day went on I felt worse and worse.....I officially have a summer cold. Ugh! Stu thought I was being a drama queen until yesterday. I refused a bacon sandwich then he knew I was

We have the SATs next week and up until this week Ellie has been coping well....She is still excited to do the SATs and says she isn't worried but she obviously is. The way she shows she is worried is by being naughty and this past week her behaviour has changed so much. She has been quite naughty. Everything is a battle with her. Getting changed when she gets in from school, doing her reading, going to bed, getting up, getting dressed and eating breakfast.....As of writing this she is serving a ban from the computer and her tablet because she thought it was fun to spray a whole tin of air freshener over things upstairs....I only realised when the smell was drifting downstairs...

I don't want to be too hard on her but she is really testing my patience....I am hoping once the SATs are over with she goes back to being the nice Ellie...

Stu has a rare day off work tomorrow.....He never gets a Saturday off and we had planned on a day out to maybe Amble or the big park in Blyth. but I don't know if that's going to happen with me feeling rotten but the fair is in town so we might just venture to that as it's not too far.....


  1. Your glasses look fab Kim ! I hope you feel better soon x

  2. Sorry you are not well, I hope you feel better for the weekend. I'm glad you are sticking to your guns over Facebook, I really don't think it's the place for children under 13, and it's actually their policy so underage accounts can get shut down. I'm with you on waiting for the SATs to be over so I can get my little girl back to normal. xx

  3. Your glasses really suit you, glad you're enjoying wearing them. Oh dear, the week definitely went downhill, though. Hope you're feeling better soon and Ellie's SATs go well and she settles back down afterwards x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Hope you feel better soon. I think quite a few sites will increase from 13 - 16 under GTPR. School told us that WhatsApp is doing that

  5. Haha - your comments about seeing the world in HD with your glasses on did give me chuckle, as that's exactly how I feel.

    Social media raises so many battles. I'm nowhere near the age of said battles, but with Alexander in a school based nursery we get the school newsletters home and they're forever writing about social media and the older kids in the school... I mean at that age, none of them should have accounts anyway!

    I hope you're feeling a bit better now, and that you had a lovely weekend however it was spent. #WotW