Saturday 5 May 2018

Curly hair, sick days and scooters. Week 18. #Project365

This last week seems to have flown over....I seem to have taken lots of photos too so for once I have a choice of photos to use...

Now for a photo every day.....

117/365 - 28th April
A standard Saturday photo. Becky playing on the xBox.

118/365 - 29th April
I treated the kids to ice cream from the ice cream man....I couldn't really get out of it, he parked right outside of my house.

119/365 - 30th April
I plaited her hair the night before so it looked like this on Monday....She loved it!

120/365 - 1st May
After school Ellie was having a cup of tea and said she was getting a couple of biscuits to dip in....She came into the living room with a plate full. Eesh! 

121/365 - 2nd May
Becky had a sick day from school....She had vomited, was shivery and just didn't feel right. A day on the sofa under a duvet did the trick. She went back to school the next day.

122/365 - 3rd May
My fella got a new part for his computer. A motherboard. He spent the day cleaning inside his computer, changing wires and boring me senseless with computer talk. 

123/365 - 4th May
She loves scooting to school but I don't like trying to keep up. 


  1. Ellie's curly hair looks very pretty. Lol @ the biccie stash. Just a couple, eh? Mind you, my elder son could eat a pack of biscuits in a day, given a chance. The ice cream looks nice (except for the suspicious blue sauce, I wonder what is it?).

  2. Hope Becky is feeling better now. The ice-cream looks lovely, just how I'd have it

  3. Haha sneaky ice cream man parking right outside. It looks yummy though. I live the 80s crinkle hair too! #365

  4. Loving the crimped/plaited hair, looks really good

  5. her hair does look great. Our councils have a policy that children cannot go back until 48 hrs clear.
    laughed at the plate of biscuits

  6. That would be my son's idea of heaven to have the ice cream man park outside our house! #365

  7. Love the curly hair and glad Becky was well enough to go back to school. Some random bugs going round!

  8. I remember my mum doing my hair like that! Ooh the ice cream looks good!