Saturday 19 May 2018

Unicorn Mermaid Magic! Week 20. #Project365

This week my youngest Ellie completed the SATs tests at school.....To say it was stressful is a bit of an understatement we never knew what type of mood she would be in but she says they were easier than she thought they would be and she tried her best. That's all I can ask for. 

Now for a photo every day.

131/365 - 12th May
Ellie decided to have a play with my light box....This is so typically her.

132/365 - 13th May
A lazy Sunday. Pj's, TV, & electronics.

133/365 - 14th May
We have been sent a fab book to review. My girls love science so this is right up their street.

134/365 - 15th May
Ellie's favourite t-shirt. She's only just got it. I got some summery clothes from Sports Direct.

135/365 - 16th May
My fella was sent this to review. A razor subscription box.

136/365 - 17th May
An afternoon ice cream. The first thing she does when she comes in from school is go to the freezer and get one.

137/365 - 18th May
The school had a royal wedding celebration day and they all had to wear their fanciest clothes....I bought Ellie a new dress for the occasion. She loves it. I really hope it stays white!


  1. Love Ellie's new dress! So glad the SATs are over - it sounds like a stressful week for you all. x

  2. Bet you are glad the SATs are out of the way. Should be an easy few months at school now.

  3. Big well done to Ellie for completing SATs tests at school. She can now take it easy and relax. Ice cream after school is a well deserved treat. None of my boys had any school celebrations for the wedding. Love the white embroidered dress, very pretty.

  4. glad the sats are over, once to have some normality back i guess. Love the idea that schools celebrated the wedding and let the kids dress up, did the dress stay white?

  5. Fifi has been doing her National 5's these last few weeks. Great dress and a lovely idea from the school.
    Nothing wrong with an ice lolly after school.

  6. So glad the SATs are over, they can be so stressful! Oh how nice of the school to celebrate the wedding like that. Her dress is lovely!

  7. I hate white clothes as they always end up stained (another reason why I don't want white at my wedding!) I hope the SATs went ok and the pressure is off now #project365