Wednesday 30 May 2018

I eat the most chocolate in the house...

A Talk to Mums survey reveals mums consume the most chocolate in the household....It revealed that mums eats 10% more chocolate then their partner or their kids.  Despite the fact that over 72% of the mums who took part in the survey have a healthy diet and over 45% exercise more than twice a week.....

At first I thought pfft! There is no way I eat more chocolate than my kids but then thought about it properly. I actually do!

The kids only eat chocolate on a weekend....Usually on a Saturday night while we're watching TV. I eat chocolate most evenings. Not a lot but maybe a bar of something or a few little chocolates....Some mornings I will snack on a bit of chocolate if it's too late for breakfast and early for lunch then on an afternoon I might have a couple of chocolate biscuits or chocolate cake with a cuppa....

I am quite fussy when it comes to chocolate...I am not keen on Dairy milk but will eat it if I have to. I prefer Galaxy....I can only eat Toffee Crisps and Kit Kats if I have a cup of tea but not the Chunky one's. I really don't like them....I love chocolate aimed at kids. Milky ways, Milky Bars, Freddo's, Fudge's and Curly-Wurlys....I am not keen on chocolate which has nuts in like Snickers, Toblerone and Fruit and Nut....I can be stuffed from tea but always need a couple of bits of chocolate after I've eaten....

I think I am a bit of a chocoholic. Eek! So I am going to share some of the best gifts I have seen for people who love a bit of chocolate....

Grow Your Own Chocolate Scented Flowers - £9.99 - Prezzybox.
Chocolate Ice Lollies Set - £15.00 - Choc on Choc
The Classic Chocolate Cabinet - £50.00 - Hotel Chocolat
Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes - £7.19 - WHSmith
Cocoa Creations Hot Chocolate Gift Set - £22.00 - Whittard
Chocolate Truffle Scented Candle - £8.95 - Lily Flame
Chocolate Liqueur and Truffles Hamper - £30.00 - Thorntons
Delicious Dilemma Chocolate pizza - £11.50 - Gourmet Chocolate Pizza
Cadbury Bar Post Box Subscription - £60.00 - Cadbury Gifts Direct

Are you a chocoholic?

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  1. I do love chocolate but I don't eat it every day. I like Turkish Delight and in our local shop you can get a pack of 3 for £1. I have a pack occasionally but I don't eat all three together. I think my eldest daughter is probably the one who eats the most chocolate, she gets proper cravings for it and can eat a jar of Nutella in a couple of day....annoyingly though, she's as skinny as a rake! I'd love a chocolate scented candle, I may just have to treat myself to one of those :)