Sunday 25 September 2022

A new desk. #MySundaySnapshot

Becky has been testing my patience over the last week. She decided to buy a new desk and a chair to go with it too. I don't know why but apparently she needs it. I told her she would have to tidy her bedroom before it came and she did go upstairs the day she ordered the desk with good intentions and changed her bedroom around and just moved the mess with it. Grr! She had a day off on Tuesday but seeing friends was more important than tidying her room. The desk came and I wanted it out of the way but she decided between us we couldn't carry it upstairs and didn't want to wait for her dad to get in from work so she opened the box at the bottom of the stairs and took it up piece by piece.

It's still up there, not put together. The piles of dirty clothes are still in her room and I'm not even going to think about all of the rubbish. She keeps saying she will get it done, it will probably be next week now. And don't even ask about the peg on her hood, lol Her sister thought it was funny to put it on and she didn't realise.

My eldest unpacking her desk

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  1. Strange beings, these younger versions of us....hehehe #MySundaySnapshot

  2. It's strange how mess doesn't seem to bother teens. Hope it all gets sorted soon xx

  3. Her eyes no longer see the mess. Poor mom! I hope it sorts itself out this week. #MMBC

  4. I hope she's assembled it now! I find with teenagers and young adults they do their own thing when they're ready to. My son started reorganising his bedroom at the start of the year, then had a long break until July, when he suddenly finished it very quickly. A job we thought would take all weekend only took him an hour!

  5. I love putting things together to get the finished result. Thanks for linking up and for sharing with #MySundaySnapshot.