Friday 16 September 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Sombre! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I think the word Sombre sums up this week pretty well. It's all been a little sad hasn't it? I have lost all motivation and I feel like all I've done this past week is watch the news.

Last week the news was just sinking in about the Queen passing away when I was writing my Word of the Week blog post but this past week it has really hit me. I am not a massive fan of the Royal family but the Queen dying has made me really realise what a big part of our lives she was. The Queen has really made me think of my Aunty Jean who passed away last year. She wasn't quite as old as the Queen but she did remind me a lot of her.

There has been so many moments which has made me well up and cry. The photos and memes on Facebook, poor King Charles, seeing the coffin for the first time, the amazing Princess Anne, the Queens children around the coffin and now when I think of Paddington Bear I will always think of the Queen. I cried at the fact that they are putting both films on over the next few days as a tribute. I didn't think I would cry seeing the Queen's coffin leaving Buckingham Palace but I did. That was the last time she would leave the palace. Poor Prince William and Harry walking behind her. They must have been thinking about their mother so much. I feel so sad for them as well as the whole family.

I have course have been watching a lot of the news and I had no idea everything that has happened over the last week would happen when a monarch dies. All the pomp and ceremony, lots of it has been really beautiful and amazing to see but I do feel so sorry for King Charles having to travel around and do so many appearances. I know he had some time off from the public duties on Thursday which is better than no time at all. I hope in time he gets chance to grieve for his mother without the worlds media watching. During the week I saw the clip of him losing his temper about a pen leaking on him when he was signing something and I think he handled it pretty well. It's little things like that which would have pushed me over the edge. On a normal day if I have things going wrong it would be something like that which make me blow my top and that's without the loss of a mother to deal with.

Now we have Monday to go through. Ellie of course has the day off school and Becky will be finishing work at 8am after a night shift and then will be getting back up to watch the funeral. Thankfully Stu has his day off on a Monday, his work have said everyone has to go into work as planned but can take time off to watch the funeral on one of the big screens in Hull city centre if they want to.

Sending love and hugs to those who need it.

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  1. It has been a very sombre week and I do feel sorry for the whole Royal Family who have no time to grieve privately. I do hope that after the funeral we can leave them alone for a bit...but then we'll have the Coronation. I will admit to not watching much of it, I just find it all a bit too much. I also have been thinking of my dear nan who passed over 20 years ago, she was the oldest family member I know that has died so I guess in my mind I was making that connection. I might not have watched much but I will watch the funeral on Monday. xx

  2. I think the word sombre sums up the week perfectly. I have just felt off all week and much more emotional than I thought I would be. It was just so sad to see the Royal family around the coffin and having to be performing so many duties must be a nightmare. I have always admired The Queen and am so proud that Australia is part of The Commonwealth. Her death also makes me think of my own precious Mum’s passing (not that I need reminding as I think of her every minute of the day). The news channels have been replaying all the ceremonies etc constantly and every time I see something my first instinct is to think “ oh I have to tell mum about this” and then I remember that I can’t. She wasn’t a fan of the Royal family at all! It was my mum’s birthday on Thursday and the girls at work knew that it was a hard day for me. One of them made me laugh when she said that mum was probably having a wonderful time celebrating her birthday in Heaven with the Queen. I remember thinking I’m not sure about that! Haha!! But hey, I bet everyone is friends in Heaven!

  3. You chose the right word. I haven't really cried but I really feel it for the family members more than for the nations the queen represented. And to think they have to appear all composed as if all is well. The pomp and ceremony is nice but also sad at the same time. I am not sure yet if I want to watch the funeral service... we will see. Sending virtual hugs.

  4. Sombre sums up the last week very well. It is sad watching the lying-in-state and all the vigils and it must be hard for the Royal Family not having that much space to grieve and having to grieve so publicly. I do feel for the King having to focus so much on becoming King - there's been very little space for him to grieve. I don't blame him at all for getting annoyed with the leaky pen. We probably won't watch the funeral today - Sophie doesn't want to watch it and as the Queen's death was a trigger for her with her grief with Jessica, it will probably be better just to go for a walk and have a quiet day getting outdoors and then I'll catch up with it online later. Hugs back to you all too x #WotW