Saturday 10 September 2022

Week 36 of #Project365 3rd - 9th September. A photo every day for a year!

 What a week! I feel exhausted by it all. A lot of it seems to have been about new things. A new Prime Minister, the poor Queen, a new King, the start of the new school year, I got a new slow cooker and Stu has been working overtime because of the new iPhone being released.

It is really starting to feel like September now with the cold, crisp mornings, the lights getting darker and the rain. We had a terrible storm yesterday just as Becky and I were getting on the bus to come home from town. It was still chucking it down when we got to our bus stop so just stayed on the bus and carried onto my dad's a few stops later, by then it had just about stopped. hehehe

Wine and a tomato
My youngest getting ready for school and roast potatoes
A recipe and birthday presents

246/365 - 3rd September
Had a lovely evening. Sat drinking wine, eating snacks,  watching TV and spending time with my family. I do love this time of year when Saturday night TV is good again. 

247/365 - 4th September
I sent Ellie out to get the washing off the line and she came in with one of the tomatoes which I've grown. She went off to pick more and came back in with a big handful.

248/365 - 5th September
Back to school for Ellie, it seemed so strange her going back on a Monday, usually they have a couple of teachers training days. It's been a very long week!

249/365 - 6th September
My family think roast potatoes are a treat, they are for me. Frozen ones I can just pop in the oven. Way easier than peeling potatoes to make mash. 

250/365 - 7th September
My pumpkins. The green one has tripled in size since last weeks Project 365 post!

251/365 - 8th September
I don't know why I took a photo of the ingredients that I needed for a recipe that I was making for tea. I could have just looked at the blog page on my phone. 

252/365 - 9th September
I finally got around to wrapping Becky's birthday presents for today. So last minute but they got done. Phew!

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  1. Another birthday, hope Becky has a lovely day when it comes. Watch out that orange pumpkin doesn't rot in the soil, the green one should fair better on the path. The tomatoes seem to be late this year and few and far between

  2. Happy birthday Becky. Hope she had a lovely day. Looks like you've had quite a successful growing season.

  3. It certainly was quite a week wasn’t it with a new Prime Minister and a new monarch plus the start of the new school year too. How lovely to have home-grown tomatoes – the one Ellie picked looks delicious. Hope Becky had a nice birthday. #project365

  4. My tomatoes seem a bit late this year too. What an historic week and it has been a privilege to watch history unfold. #project365

  5. Happy birthday Becky, hope she had a fab day. Those tomatoes look tasty, much prefer a home grown one. That recipe sounds tasty