Wednesday 14 September 2022

The Education Tag.

I love a good tag and I saw this on a blog years ago. I do love a tag but there was always something else to post. It was one of those things that has been sat in my drafts until I made a point of answering the questions last week.


What is your highest educational achievement?
When I left school I did a year and a half of a childcare course. I was set to finish with a top grade but gave it all up for a boy. What a waste. I left college moved in with him and went and worked in a factory. I do regret it.

What was your favourite subject at school?
I wasn't a big fan of school but did love the childcare lessons, now they would be classed as health and social care. I had a triple lesson on a Monday morning and my friends and I would whizz through the work and then play cards and we'd always take a packed lunch to eat. As much as I slacked off I still managed to get my one and only A from my GCSE's.

How are your children educated? (public, private or homeschool etc)
Both my girls went to public school with a little bit of home learning when Covid hit.

Why have you decided that educational route for them?
It was just the done thing. I didn't have the money to send my girls to private school and didn't really know much about home schooling until I started blogging. Many years ago I did think about home schooling Ellie when she was getting bullied at school but after home schooling during the lockdowns I now know that is not right for either of us.

What is your child’s favourite subject?
Becky loved her health and social care lessons and school, so much so she went to study it at college. Ellie is more of a hands on learner so loves subjects like Design & Technology, Art and Music. She is taking Photography and Engineering for her GCSE's and really enjoys them.

What is your favourite educational game?
Kahoot. It is the only one I can think of. I know Becky used to love it when she was at school and Ellie does too.

Who is your child’s favourite author?
Both of my girls were massive fans of Roald Dahl when they were younger but now Ellie is all about Alice Oseman thanks to Heartstopper and Becky doesn't do much reading.

What does your child want to do when they grow up?
Becky wants to be a manager of a care home and Ellie wants to be some sort of an engineer, she hasn't fully decided yet.

Do your children want to go to university?
Becky doesn't but Ellie is considering it. I think she just wants the social aspect of it not the actual learning.

Do your children enjoy school?


  1. Really interesting to read! My son gets on very well at school, he's academic and loves learning. My daughter isn't quite so fond of school at the moment unfortunately, but she's just started at secondary school so there's a lot going on for her, hopefully she'll get settled soon. I think her favourite part is that she can now buy chips at lunchtime!

  2. I loved reading this quiz.

    I am doing a second BA degree and in my experience as a mature student, much more mature than the rest of my colleagues, I can say that waiting for an year or two before applying to university is not necessarily a bad thing, if she is not 100% sure where she wants to go. I have some colleagues that did that and it's perfectly fine for them, even better, as they are doing a course they really enjoy and are motivated by learning too. I hope that helps.

  3. My son is finishing school next Friday and he can’t wait! He says he liked school but he is just so excited to get out there and be grown up. Sam is very social and so he loved hanging out with his friends at school. That’s about the only thing that he will miss I think.