Thursday 15 September 2022

Five of our favourite slow cooker recipes.

Slow cookers are cheap to buy, economical to use and they're great for making the most of budget ingredients. Just what we need at the moment with the price of everything rising. You can make everything from stews, curries and even desserts in an easy to use slow cooker. Just add your ingredients and let the machine do the work, perfect for busy weeknights and family dinners.

The weather will be changing soon and there is nothing better than a hearty, warming meal on an evening. I love using my slow cooker to cook up delicious meals for my family and over the years we have got our favourites, one's that are simple to make and one's that as a family we all love.

Slow cooker

These are some of my families favourite meals that are cooked in the slow cooker:

Sausage and baked bean slow cooker casserole!

Sausage and baked bean slow cooker casserole.

Sausage and baked bean slow cooker casserole was one of the first recipes that I made in my slow cooker. It is comfort food at it's best. Sausages and baked beans are two staple foods here so I knew I was on to a winner with this meal.

Slow cooker meatballs!

Slow cooker meatballs

Cooking meatballs in a slow cooker is simple. You can either make your own meatballs and add the sauce or even use frozen meatballs. If I am making meatballs with a tomato sauce we have it one day with spaghetti and garlic bread and the leftovers in buns and covered in cheese.

Slow cooker pulled pork!

Slow cooker pulled pork

This slow cooker pulled pork is spiced with paprika and cinnamon is oh-so simple when you make it in the slow cooker. Serve with and apple slices in bread rolls. We love this in buns or over jacket potatoes.

A lazy chicken curry!

A lazy chicken curry

We like a curry but I am not keen on spicy hot one's and neither is Becky so I tend to make mild one's sometimes I make the from scratch and other times I just can't be bothered and use a some jars of curry sauce and the slow cooker. It's a total cheat and a very lazy chicken curry.

Fakeaway Slow Cooker Doner Kebab!

Fakeaway Slow Cooker Doner Kebab

The fakeaway slow cooker Doner Kebab is a great alternative to a takeaway and healthier too. My family love it with pitta bread and plenty of garlic sauce especially on a Saturday night in front of the TV. They are usually dead against eating lamb but have nothing against this kebab.

What do you like to cook in the slow cooker?


  1. We love pulled pork in the slow cooker too as well as meatballs. I also make a great pot roast that we often turn into sandwiches the next day (if we have leftovers!) and beef stew in the crock pot too.

  2. Wow - you made me so hungry! My simple evening meal doesn't compare. I envy your family.

  3. Oh yummy! I love using the slow cooker and especially at this time of year when you want some winter warming dinners.
    Thank you for sharing my fakeaway! We've demolished a few of these over the weekends, hehe. xxx

  4. Yum your meals make me hungry. My slow cooker died last year and I never replaced it but I think that I should. I really love all the winter comfort food but it’s also great to use in summer because it means that the kitchen doesn’t get all hot. I only ever used the slow cooker for beef and pork recipes and never tried any chicken recipes. This is because I would leave it cooking for over 8 hours while I was at work and I was afraid that this was too long for chicken.

  5. I love my slow cooker and you've just reminded me that now that it's getting colder, I can start using it again ! I love throwing everything in it for a casserole before I head off to work then coming home, tired, at the end of the day and having lovely cooking smells to greet me. I do casseroles mainly - chicken casserole, beef carbonnade, pork stew, ... I should start experimenting with some new dishes though :)

  6. My family are not so keen on slow cooker meals. My daughter complains about the cooking smell all day but she does have an issue with food smells. I really love a good casserole though, and pulled pork is my favourite. x

  7. I love slow cooked recipes especially this time of year x