Friday 9 September 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: New! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Last week my Word of the Week was Flown Over but this week could have easily been the opposite. It has really dragged. The first week back is always tough, they go back on a Wednesday or Thursday usually because of teacher training days but this time Ellie went back on a Monday and it has made a long week, there was no easing into it gently. This time of year always feels like a new start with the change in season and the new school year starting.

I got Ellie a new alarm clock for her birthday and it is the best thing I've ever done. Her alarm goes off and she has to get out of bed to switch it off so she has been up bright and early every day this week which has made my life a whole lot easier. There is no shouting and nagging, in fact some mornings she has been downstairs before me. Ellie has settled in well back at school, it is her last year so it was no big deal. She does have a new Geography teacher which she loves. Hopefully it will be the boost she needs in her weakest subject.

Stu is busy at work and is working overtime for the next week or so, an extra hour every day because there is apparently a new iPhone being released which everyone wants to get their hands on. We're supposedly in the middle of the cost of living crisis but people are willing to pay over £100 a month to have a contract for the latest phone, I find it crazy. I will stick with my pay as you go phone where I pay £5 a month for unlimited calls and texts. lol

Becky has a few days off work, she took some holidays for her birthday on Saturday to make sure she had the shifts off and she has been told when she goes back to work she will be getting a new contract which is fantastic news. They still have her on her old part time contract so the news of guaranteed full time hours is what she has been waiting to hear about. Now she's keeping her fingers crossed that she will be put on a set shift pattern so she can plan her life a bit better. Working day and night shifts is great but there is no routine and she's noticed that she seems to be working every Saturday so hopefully that will change.

I had big plans for yesterday, I was going to watch Thor: Love and Thunder that was new on Disney+ but never got around to it. I was woken up by the rain at about half 4 in the morning, then Stu got up at 5am and it took me ages to get back to sleep, I think it was just before my alarm went off at 7am so I decided to go back to bed after Ellie had gone to school. By the time I had got up and done some jobs around the house there was the breaking news about the Queen not being well and then we got the news she had passed away. It is so sad. Myself and probably most other people in the UK have only ever known the Queen in charge of the monarchy. I really do feel sad for all of her family. So now we have a new king, King Charles which I can't get my head around.

How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one.


  1. I'm glad Ellie has settled into school ok, I know what you mean though, going back on a Monday must have been hard. Boo doesn't go back until next Thursday, they have front loaded teacher training days due to a lot of changes at the school. Then Wednesday is for the year 7s to have the school to themselves. It's very sad news indeed about the Queen dying. I hope it was a peaceful passing, it sounds like it may have been. xx

  2. It does always feel like a new start at this time of year doesn’t it? Glad the new alarm clock is helping encourage Ellie to get out of bed early. Glad Becky has enjoyed having some time off and hope that her new contract has more settled hours. The news about the Queen is very sad. I can’t quite get my head round the fact that we now have a King either! #WotW

  3. King Charles will take some getting used to eh? Good on Ellie to get herself up and ready in the mornings so that alarm clock was a good purchase. Hope everyone’s routines get settled soon. That phone deal sounds so crazy to me... that's what I can't get my head around! Have a great week ahead.