Tuesday 20 September 2022

The Monday Housework.

I do love the weekend. I always give the house a good clean on a Saturday, get as much of the washing done as I can and make sure everything is in order because I like to have a Sunday off from doing the housework. It's great having a lazy day but not when it comes to Monday morning, the house is a tip again.

Washing on the line

I wrote this blog post a couple of months ago when we had had a lot of busy Saturdays and there were a few where I didn't get all of my jobs done and still had my Sunday off which means I have had so much to do on a Monday morning. Ugh! With both Stu and Becky working and me at home it seems wrong to ask them to help more than pick up and put their own stuff away so when we've had a busy weekend my Monday's seem rather manic.

Some jobs I don't mind doing like hanging the washing on the line and tidying the kitchen. What I hate doing it walking around the house finding all of the dirty washing and cleaning the bathroom. We have shelves all around the bathroom which are filled with bottles of things like shampoo, deodorant, shower gel and things like that. They all have to be taken off while I clean and then put back on.

Pile of washing

The mountain of clean clothes on the dining room table on a Monday morning always seems daunting but once I've got it all folded and sorted that's another job done. I have stopped putting kids piles of clothes away now, that is now their job which they always complain about and usually the piles end up sitting on their bedroom floors until they want to wear what is in the piles. lol

Music is a must when it comes to doing the housework. Usually I will play one of my playlists off Spotify but on this particular Monday I decided to listen to the radio. I started off with Viking FM a local radio station but got bored of it, I didn't know most of the songs so started to listen to Magic Radio. I did make myself chuckle. Years ago when I was a teen in my dad's car I used to nag at him to put a better radio station on because all the music on Magic Radio was for old people. It turns out I am now an old person. lol

For years I have got out of doing the washing up, it was always the kids jobs but I have taken up the job of washing the pots during the day, especially if the kids have been busy and they have been left from the night before.

Washing the dishes

I have a stupid fear of washing anything made of glass. It all comes from when I was a teenager, I was doing the washing up and was on with washing a glass when it smashed. I didn't hear it smash as it was in the sink under the water and the first thing I know about it when the water turned red from the big cut on my knuckle. It was a bad cut and I still have the scar to prove it so when it comes to washing the pots there is always that fear in me. 

One Monday when the house was really messy Becky said why don't you do a video and make it into a blog post to motivate you. I did and this is where the idea for this blog post came from. I walked around with my phone on a tripod and recording what I was getting up to. It did make the housework a little more fun but it's not something I can do every week. Is it? lol

What jobs do you hate doing around the house?


  1. Great video, I always find it motivating to watch a cleaning video! I do my housework and washing in bits through the week but Monday is always the day that needs the biggest tidy up before I can get started, we don't usually do much at weekends but everything always gets so messy! I love your T-shirt btw!

  2. I loved watching your video, it was great! When I need cleaning motivation I will usually put a Youtube cleaning video on to watch/listen to as I clean. I think that one of the jobs that I hate the most is putting the washing on the line. Maybe because it's what I do just before I leave for work and I am always in a crazy rush. The clothes are all tangled and sometimes they're half inside out and half not grrrr. This morning I practically threw them on the clothes line and they looked like they had been hung up by a drunk. But at least they were dry when I got home.

  3. I have been struggling with keeping up on the chores too now that I've lost of my help! With Ian working more than full time and going to college he's rarely at home and when he is he's so tired I feel guilty about asking him. Alec is at school all day and then often has homework, sports, and soon to be work afterwards.... but I can't ask Evan to pick up the slack-- well, I can but he's already protesting that it's not fair his brothers aren't forced to do more chores. I too hate cleaning the bathrooms (we have 2 full and 2 that are 1/2 baths so it's a lot) and I'm not a big fan of doing the dishes or taking out the trash either.

  4. Fun video - thanks for sharing your routine - I hope next Monday is an easy day

  5. I'm imagining you cleaning as I write this :o( I hate cleaning the bathroom too, it takes forever to move everything out of the way to clean. I also hate changing bedding and putting on new duvet covers! But unlike a lot of people I love ironing (although I didn't do any during lockdown when we weren't going anywhere!).


  6. Oops! That anonymous comment was mine!

  7. It is just never ending is it, I but music does help X